5 techniques for removal of fluff - Women Tips

We will combine that mustache woman is not pretty, is not it? And to prevent unwanted hair from getting in evidence in the fluff, you need to shave in the region where they grow faster.

There are several techniques for hair removal of fluff. Some women prefer the method of removing by the by using forceps to find that the pain is less, others like to take with line in the Egyptian style hair removal, while others prefer to do hair removal laser or intense pulsed light.

And you, have your hair removal method preferred fluff? If not, check the difference between 5 techniques and choose what is right for you.

1- Waxing

The removal of fluff with wax can be done either with the sheets ready for specific hair removal for this most delicate area of ​​the face or even the hot wax.

Some women prefer the wax sheets because it dispenses with any kind of device or other heating method, besides being completely disposable.

As for the bravest or who has the very dark and thick, hot wax is the best option. The advantage of this type of wax is that it avoids the use of depilatory leaves. Just apply, wait some time and pull the wax with the same, always in the opposite direction of hair growth.

2- depilation tweezers

For some women, the removal of fluff with tweezers is the best alternative to remove the hair completely in the bud and avoid the painful procedure of hot or cold wax. The difference is that hair removal with tweezers can be done even at home. Pulling by the by requires a lot of patience and time, but ensures that the effect "mustache" is avoided leaving the region lisinha longer.

Removal 3- Egyptian

Made with a line of 100% cotton, the Egyptian hair removal has the same effect as with forceps and is a great alternative for women who suffer from pain or you are allergic to waxes.

The threading removes the hair completely and removes the better for short, especially the fluff. The results of the Egyptian hair removal upper lip last about a month.

4- laser depilation

For fair-skinned women and with the dark or those who do not like to face the other procedures as find it very sore, laser hair removal in the fluff is the best option. The cost is higher, but worth it. Doing four to eight sessions, with an interval of one month between each one, you can have great results and make the region free of unwanted hair. And it is best that any woman can face the laser hair removal procedure.

5 intense pulsed light

Intense pulsed light is a progressive and definitive treatment done with a specific device that emits high-energy flashes. This technique is similar to hair removal laser and can be done in all women, even those with the hair with little visible shades. The exception is only for those women who are with tanned skin.

To apply the intense pulsed light in the fluff, you need to be with your natural skin color. To ensure free of fluff by using this technique, you need to six to eight sessions giving intervals of 30 to 40 days between them.