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The June Festival is celebrated in many places around the world and was brought to Brazil by the Portuguese. It is celebrated throughout the country and consists of many elements, such as fires, Mast St. John, gang flags, hillbillies costumes and various games, which make much more lively festivity.

With "rays" coming, beyond the decor and costumes character, the delicious ethnic foods should also be present for the fun becomes complete. Each region can use its typical ingredients for the preparation of the dishes, but the corn is usually the most used food.

Most dishes are originating country culture and interior, the ingredients are usually very simple and affordable.

Check out a list of several with sweet and savory food options, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for your party do the most successful among the guests.


Fool. Photo: Getty Images

Fool. Photo: Getty Images


In addition to the pies, baked and fried snacks, such as pastel and assorted skewers, the typical foods of June party should include:

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1. ground beef Pastel: the meat pie is appreciated in many parts of the country and simple to do. The dough you can easily find in supermarkets and bakeries or make it as desired. One tip is to fry near the time of serving, so people can eat it warm.

2. skewers of meat: if it is made with lean meat is a healthy option and brings satiety. Onions and peppers are added to the spit to give color and make it more tasty. It can be done with red meat, chicken and even fish.

3. chicken skewers: how the recipe is baked, ends up being more light. Some tips are important to hit in taste and on the spot, as not to cut the cubes into pieces many small and seasoning preparation should be careful so that the plate is very tasty.

4. Casseroles: the pie is stuffed with cheese and ham. How is made in a blender, the preparation is simple and fast. Moreover, it is light and well flavored. If desired, the filling of the pie can be changed as your taste.

5. salty popcorn: popcorn can not miss the June festivities. As these events usually gather a lot of people, it is much more economical and practical to make popcorn in the pan, as it yields more and is cheaper than the microwave. One tip is to put in bags before serving.

6. Hot Dog: pretty fast to make, it is an option that brings more satiety than snacks, and is well accepted by children and adults. For the hot dog become more characterized, serve in a bag or napkin chess. One tip is to let them all mounted so that people pick them already ready.

boiled corn with butter. Photo: Getty Images

boiled corn with butter. Photo: Getty Images

7. Green corn on the cob: corn cooking seems a simple task, right? But there are some secrets, ranging from the choice of corn until the right time to take the pan corn. One of the tips that revenue is to put a little sugar in the cooking water.

8. Pamonha: another recipe with corn! This is the traditional Northeast mush. For its preparation it is necessary to have at home only corn, coconut milk, sugar and salt.

9.Amendoim salt: This snack is made very quickly and very easily. Peanuts are brought to the oven and roasted. Then just add oil and salt, and roast a little more.


Caramelized pop corn. Photo: Playback / Oslaine Arts

Caramelized pop corn. Photo: Playback / Oslaine Arts

The candies also make great success in the June festivals, so they should not be left aside. There is a wide variety for you to choose which you want to add to your table. Check here several candy options to suit all tastes:

10. Popcorn caramel: popcorn is super simple to prepare and a great option to add to sweet dishes. So she was caramelized, there is very secret. With step by step recipe is very easy to prepare it.

11. Chocolate Popcorn: for chocolate fans, there is also the option of popcorn with it! For this delight to be made, the only ingredient you need to add to the traditional recipe is chocolate.

12. Corn Cake: This traditional corn cake is with a creaminess of mouthwatering. As is done in a blender, it is ready in no time. It's delicious to combine with one of the typical hot drinks the party.

13. Curau: the curau is one of the most common dishes made with corn, which are served in the June festivities. The preparation is very simple and fast. You can choose whether you'd make using fresh corn, straight from the cob, or even canned.

14. cornmeal cake: this recipe that has grandma's house smell also combines with Arraiá. The cake is simple but the mass is with the creamy texture, which is very attractive. It is made in a blender, which makes it very simple and practical.

15. Canjica: In this recipe the author followed the grandmother's advice, which recommends the use of white maize (the ear is not fully mature), instead of the yellow (mature). A tip for corn cook faster is to let it soak in before the preparation evening.

16. Rice pudding: you can create a delicious dessert with our rice everyday, and she is the sweet rice. The preparation of this recipe is very simple and few ingredients are needed. Since it takes cloves and cinnamon, it is very aromatic. One tip is to serve warm.

17. Sweet peanut: a sweet peanut version pleases many people. Simple and quick to do, it is an interesting option to add to the menu. This snack can be served in individual bags.

18. boy standing: Another common good sweet option using the peanut is the foot urchin. With just four ingredients and thirty minutes you can prepare a tasty dessert.

19. girl's foot: the author says that this recipe is a gentler variation and female foot urchin. It takes that name to be more soft and tender, remembering the woman standing. What makes it more fluffy is the condensed milk increased.

Peanut candy. Photo: Playback / Grandma's Recipes

Peanut candy. Photo: Playback / Grandma's Recipes

20. Paçoca: Very fast and practical preparation of this tack! To make the tack is only necessary to hit peanuts, cornstarch wafer and condensed milk in a blender. Then just put in a manner to rest for a few minutes and cut.

21. cooked pinion: the pinion is a fairly common seed in southern Brazil and has a great nutritional value. From it you can create a lot of revenue. But the main form of consumption is cooked. Perfect to be eaten by the fire.

22. Pinion roast on the plate: This option is for those who have a wood fired oven at home, because in this recipe pine nuts should be done in the oven plate. How are consumed in winter, the cool thing is to eat them warm next to the oven.

23. Love Apple: romanticism combines with winter, is not it? And surprise someone you love with a love apple is a very sweet gesture. The syrup is quite simple, but the author says to beware the point.

24. Cocada: the coconut is also widely used in traditional recipes of June Festival. This cocada condensed milk takes only four ingredients, but it is very tasty.

25. Sweet Heart Pumpkin: for the preparation of this sweet are added spices, lemon juice, water and sugar. It is also a simple recipe. For the heart shape you can use a template or try to cut with a knife.

26. Maria mole: to be a very cheap and tasty recipe, has become very common in the celebration of St. John also is ready in 20 minutinhos..

27. Sigh: the candy is made only with eggs and sugar takes a special touch in this recipe. The author adds cremor tartar, she says it is to give stability to the meringue. Despite being super simple it is very tasty.

28. Skewered fruit: these skewers are covered with a chocolate cream. The fruit used must be those of your own, and the skewers can be made with just one fruit or various assorted.

29. Queijadinha: this recipe is originally from Portuguese cuisine, but had an African influence. The story goes that a slave changed the cheese by the coconut, which is curious, is that the original name remained, even not taking cheese in the dough.

30. Brown Sugar: the brown sugar began to be manufactured in small sugar mills, and is also typical of the northeast. This recipe adds peanuts and other ingredients to sugar.

31. Quindim: already quindim with coconut originates northeast, modified the Portuguese recipe, which uses Almond. It can be served in small ways, such as pies and can also be served in a big way pudding.


Quentão No Alcohol. Photo: Playback / vegetarian ham

Quentão No Alcohol. Photo: Playback / vegetarian ham

Non alcoholic

The soft drinks are very important in any occasion. Interestingly serve options for different tastes and that children can also enjoy. In addition to the typical drinks, you can serve juices of seasonal fruits, soft drinks and assorted hot teas.

32. Quentão alcohol: you want to prepare the most traditional drink of June Festival, and all guests, from children to adults can take? The mulled wine without alcohol is your drink.

33. Hot chocolate: hot chocolate is a very common drink on the coldest days. Children will love sipping hot chocolate in a June party, and of course, is a good option for adults too.

34. corn juice: in addition to ingredient for a choice of sweet and savory foods, corn can also be used for the preparation of beverages such as corn juice. He's hot to accompany both sweet dishes, as salty.

35. Hot chocolate with coconut: for those who want to prepare a hot chocolate, which has with a twist, a good tip is to replace regular milk for coconut. The taste is smooth and the texture is very creamy.


In a June party for adults it is interesting to add some alcohol, which in addition to match the butterflies are typical of stingrays. Check out amazing recipes of drinks for your Arraiá.

36. Quentão: This is the traditional drink of the June festivities. The recipe takes the same amount of water and rum, combined with some fruits and spices, creating a unique flavor.

37. Mulled wine: this option the wine is boiled with water, cloves, cinnamon, ginger and apple. The drink is well flavored and reminds the mulled wine, but the taste is softer, since it does not take drips. The amount of wine can be changed as needed.

38. Peanut Hits:'re short on time and / or in a hurry and want to make a hot drink? Peanut beat is a great option. Just take three ingredients and is made in the blender. Practicality in the right!

39. Wine Hits: beats are always very practical, and the wine is a beverage widely consumed in the winter. To prepare it mé only hit wine, ice and condensed milk in a blender.

40. Passion Beat: beat another option is the passion fruit. Besides being famous for weddings and graduations, it can also be prepared for the June Festival.

41. Sangria: this drink is a classic Spanish but is also popular in Brazil. Although a most consumed beverage in the summer, combines very well with the junino climate. It takes wine, soda, gin and some fruit in the preparation.

Now you have learned a number of recipes for food and drink for June Festival, just put the hillbilly costume, hanging flags, mount a fire and call family and friends to the bash.