8 natural repellents to protect your home from mosquitoes - Women Tips

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Get rid of mosquitoes is not easy. Rain or shine, there they are always messing up the lives of everyone. Repellents are often the most used alternative in the fight against these small enemies.

But a study at Duke University showed that the main ingredient in commercial repellents leaves more than a bad odor. They damage the brain cells and can cause behavioral changes, besides the risk of dangerous interactions with other medications.

Another study also showed that up to 15% of these repellents are usually absorbed through the skin and fall directly into the bloodstream. Among the toxic effects are caused reproductive disorders, genetic material mutations and central nervous system disorders.

For all that, an alternative to get rid of mosquitoes without suffering health consequences in the long term is to choose an effective natural repellent. Here are some tips:

1 - Herb Cat

Catnip, also known as Herb Cat, is a medicinal and aromatic plant. After harvested and dried, it is used as filling toys for cats. A University of Iowa in the United States, concluded that the essential oil found in catnip herb is about 10 times more effective than a traditional repellent.

2 - Citronella

Often used by those who have small children, precisely because it is natural. The trick is to only use pure essential oil, not the fragrance oil. If the idea is to use the product directly on the skin, look for natural food stores. oils purchased in bulk for burning are not suitable for application in the body.

3 - Garlic

If you eat too much fresh garlic, your body will exhale a strong aroma of garlic, which also repels mosquitoes.

4 - Lavender

The lavender essential oil smells great and is an effective repellent, especially if diluted in another oil and apricot kernel, sweet almond or coconut oil.

5 - Neem seed oil or neem

According to a study of the US Research Council this oil is more effective than a traditional repellent. The results were confirmed by scientists at the Malaria Institute of India, as the Neem is a plant that grows in the country.

6 - Soybean oil

It's cheap and easy to find. Moreover, it is a great body moisturizer. Another benefit, pointed out in a survey quoted in the Journal of Medicine in England, is that used in the body, there is a soy ingredient that slows hair growth. Give preference to the organic soy oil, which is not genetically modified.

7 - Lotus

It is effective not only as a repellent, but also helps to kill mosquito larvae. As the lotus grows in water, it is a good option as a natural repellent in tanks and vessels.

8 - Black Pepper

The black pepper oil, according to research, is another effective alternative to repel mosquitoes.

General tip:

Mix 30 drops of essential oils of Catnip, Citronella, Lavender, Neem and pepper (and six drops of each oil) in about 30ml of an oil or natural moisturizer without perfume. Rub some on the skin before exposure outdoors. Another tip is to mix 30 drops of essential oils in organic soy oil for extra protection. But always do a test on the skin at least 24 before to make sure you do not have sensitivity to any of the oils.