wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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When two people decide to get married, decide, above all, to build a life together, sharing the good and bad times of the day to day. It is right that this decision be marked forever in married life and always be celebrated as possible!

For this, you do not necessarily need to make a big party every year of marriage ... The celebration can be subtle, such as a dinner for two, for example, or simply remember the date fondly!

Malise Kroth, ceremonialist comments that celebrate or commemorate the wedding of a marriage means to renew the vows, promises, love ... "You relive the magical moments of the 'yes' given to each other when no longer two, to be a only, "he says.

Each wedding celebrated takes a graceful name. "They are symbols full of meanings that mark the renewal of vows, stimulate the creativity of the couple and help in the maturing of the relationship, especially in the first year, where everything is new, Romanticism is latent, both are struggling to make an adaptation of their lives and living a very different reality, "explains ceremonialist.

"Overall, the symbols of the marriage mark the maturing of relationships, the more the years advance, more rigid and resistant materials are. Each month covered during the first year is a victory, a special celebration usually made between the couple, quite romantic way with a dinner, movie, candlelight ... The meaning? Each couple will know to give your own! "Said Malise.

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The meaning of the main wedding

Below you know the names and meanings of the main celebrations of wedding anniversaries, according to ceremonialist Malise:

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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1 month marriage - Marriage of Beijinho: "The name refers to the delicious honey that returns in the literal sense of the word kiss; is the stage of great love, honeymoon effect and very caring, "he said.

2 months of marriage - Wedding Ice Cream: sweet and refreshing, it is the discovery of pleasure in life together.

3 months of marriage - Marriage of Cotton Candy: "Is the stage where the relationship seems sweet and soft as cotton candy, with walks hand in hand and full of romanticism," said Malise.

Four months of marriage - Marriage of Popcorn: it is time for relaxation and joy, jokes and celebrations to two, for example, at the cinema or even with friends.

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Five months of marriage - Chocolate Jubilee: is the romanticism that gains strength, the surprises, the delight of being together and savor the ideals and dreams themselves.

6 months of marriage - Marriage of Pluma: It is when the couple's relationship is light, soft, when husband and wife are living a very good moment, making each other, and planning major flights.

7 months of marriage - Marriage of Glitter: "Is associated with brilliance and charm, special touches and important in affect, in the relationship, so that it remains always gleaming like love," explains the ceremonialist.

8 months of marriage - Marriage of Pompom: fluffy balls that brighten the environment and refer to joy and satisfaction.

9 months of marriage - Wedding Maternity: "Not in the literary sense, but the first months of marriage were like a gestation period of visible changes, sensitive to many plans," said Malise.

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10 months of marriage - Wedding Chick: "As the chick has just release the egg shell, which was protected during their training, so is the couple's relationship when she realizes that together are forming a family and want to create a home environment with love and joy," explains Malise.

11 months of marriage - Marriage of Gum: "As well as tasty and enjoyable, chewing gum disperses tension and jaw exercises, but 'when the sticks chicletinho' .... Such is life for two, a steady acceptance of exercise, one sticking a little bit more on the other, doing many things together, remaining united to overcome each and every moment of tension, "says the ceremonialist.

1 year marriage - Marriage of paper: "After 11 months of relationship, of emotions, discoveries and adaptations, the couple is ready to complete your first year of marriage, where together, two people began to write in the role of their lives, the first year of its history. In the fragility of the paper, sign and renew the vows and proposals for the development of their marriage, "said Malise.

5 years of marriage - Wooden Wedding or iron: a cultural variant, but in Brazil, the most common is the wood - which represents the ratio of the mature couple. "Wood recalls robustness, rooting, the rooted seedlings begin to grow and expand into new branches, the children that come, but the wood is still fragile before the trials of fire," explains Malise.

10 years of marriage - Marriage of tin or zinc: both names are used and complete. "They represent the strength of the relationship. The flexibility and malleability of zinc with tin, used to prevent corrosion in iron and other metals, are a perfect combination of support at the wedding. With 10 years, the couple is already adapted to each other and live a secure, yet flexible relationship, "says the ceremonialist.

15 years of marriage - Wedding Crystal: clear and transparent as the crystal is crystal relationship. "Noble, transparent, no fuss, where one knows the limits of being and acting of the other and accept with love," explains Malise.

20 years of marriage - Wedding china: relations are proved by the events of life and daily life, marriage experienced as the porcelain, after being molded, is completed in the heat and achieves a beauty and warm glow. It is the resilience, confidence and unity.

25 years of marriage - Silver Jubilee: It refers to the double crowned with a silver crown. This is one of the most celebrated wedding, according to Malise. It is the power, brilliance, beauty and tradition that influences the family. Silver is the symbol of security and stability in the relationship.

30 years of marriage - Marriage of Pearl: the pearl is produced from an oyster of self-defense from an external body, but the pearls are rigid, have their own brightness and do not spoil easily ... "So it is the relationship strengthened overcoming small grievances, discussions, disagreements on setbacks during life, further strengthening the union, "said Malise.

35 years of marriage - Marriage of Coral: corals are adapted to live in colonies grow in the seas and can form large reefs. So is the marriage that overcomes obstacles and allows the evolution and maturation in all its extension.

40 years of marriage - Marriage of Ruby: the beauty and strength ruby, red stone, color of love and passion, demonstrates how the relationship is strong. Marriage is durable and stable.

45 years of marriage - Wedding Platinum: Platinum is a precious metal and corrosion resistant, as well as the relationship that resists time, the onslaught, the difficulties.

50 years of marriage - Golden Anniversary: "Is the crown of victory, is the noble, gleaming metal, is the wedding that exceeded the weather, is the story of a life that won the time, based on the flimsy sheet of paper to gold crown," said Malise.

9 cool ideas to celebrate their wedding anniversary

Few things in life are as good as celebrate love! So, do not be doubt that is worth celebrating their months or years of marriage!

You are wrong, however, who think that the only way to do this is by organizing a big party ... Below you can see different ideas - from the simplest to the most innovative or traditional - to celebrate your wedding anniversary!

1. A dinner for two

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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A romantic dinner - whether at home even, or in a special restaurant that has marked the history of the couple or where both love the food - it is always a great option, especially for the first months and years of marriage (when hardly the couple think about doing a party and celebration tends to be the same two).

An interesting tip to surprise your partner instead of planning the celebration. Perhaps preparing a surprise little dinner at home even in the second or third month of marriage, for example ?!

2. A special trip

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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Traveling is something wonderful and even better if the trip has a "special issue" as a wedding anniversary celebration!

The couple can take a trip you always dreamed of or depending on the time of marriage, perhaps even return to the place where he spent the honeymoon! You can also choose to return to the destination where the two were first together, or simply to sightsee!

One tip is to combine the couple to plan a different trip each year, always close to the wedding celebration date!

3. Make new plans

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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How about enjoy the celebration and talk to your partner about new plans ?! As, for example, have one or more children (for those who already have), moving home, invest in a new business. As much as this kind of thing go away from a traditional "celebration", reinforces the partnership between the couple and the assurance of choices that the two made to marry.

4. Giving this one that has a special meaning

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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Present the partner can be a great option. And here, no matter the price of this, its meaning is worth more! Think of something that has to do with the story of you and / or will add to the life together ... It can be a gift for personal use or for home, something you will enjoy together, etc.

5. Write a letter or special message

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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Often, special words mean more than one! How about writing a letter to your partner, talking about has been the first months or years of marriage?

Many couples have not had the chance to exchange vows at the wedding ceremony, but it's never too late to say (write) legal words to someone you love!

The message may still be recorded in the form of video, for example. The most important is to use the sincerity and your feelings!

6. A traditional festival

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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Depending on the time of marriage and also the couple's style, it is normal to think about making a good party to celebrate the wedding anniversary!

To Malise in a traditional wedding celebration, can not miss the renewal of vows. "This is a sublime moment with the participation of all the fruits of marriage: children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, depending on the celebrated wedding. In this renewal, spontaneously, the couple will have the opportunity to talk to each other, looking into the eyes, feeling a tide of emotions and expressing their deepest feelings, "he says.

The ceremonialist comments that nowadays it is common to celebrate the wedding with the same apparatus of a marriage, in the category organization. "It can be an intimate dinner with family and friends, can be a reception in the ballroom, can be even outdoors. Whatever the choice, it is important to plan ahead, see what best fits into your budget, your reality ... But of course, the most important is to be happy and celebrate a lot, "he says.

7. An innovative party

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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Malise comments that the wedding feast is thematic in nature, considering the symbol of every year ... These elements can be used in the decoration, the details, the pampering and in robes. "For example, the theme of the silver anniversary, the decor will take a lot of information in silver. The wife tends to dress in silver or white with silver accents. The spouse may opt for silver tie, "he explains.

Small details make the difference. "No need to do everything to stay in the theme color, not to be visually tiring, no need to exaggerate, the more soft and subtle, more delicate, sophisticated and striking," adds ceremonialist.

Remember: the décor is the complement, not the absolute highlight. "But be sure to use elements that have visually celebrated the wedding," Malise guides.

It is possible to celebrate the wedding unexpectedly, as the sand on the beach, very popular for weddings, exemplifies the ceremonialist.

"One nice thing is to make the ceremony the sands. It symbolizes the full meaning of the marital union; two distinct beings become one and in these wedding years, no one was able to try to separate a single grain of this union of body, mind and heart. This is a dynamic way to symbolize reason to be celebrating the wedding, "says Malise.

It is also possible, according to Malise, make the "corner of well-married" in the party, with photos, frames, tables, couple of pictures of clothesline, showing moments from courtship to the present time.

8. Make a photo essay

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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Nowadays, it is very common for couples to have a pre-marriage test. But it was not always so ... Many couples have not had the opportunity or have chosen not to do. But that does not mean they can not do now, in celebrating the wedding, no matter what it is (10, 20, 30, 40 years of marriage ...).

Even those who did pre-wedding rehearsal, can make a new photo shoot, opting to do it again in the same place or in another place now consider two more special.

9. Go to the movies or to a special show

wedding marriage: find here all meanings (UPDATED)

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Often, couples fail to go to the movies together after years of dating and / or marriage - which is usually common in the relationship starts. But what about resuming this idea ?!

As much as this is a simple program can be a good way to celebrate the marriage of subtle but pleasant.

The couple can choose to go to a show of some singer or band that has marked the history of it, for example.

Anyway ... Good ideas abound! But most important of all is that every couple celebrate the marriage according to their style and history!