38 questions about contraceptive answered by gynecologists - Women Tips

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It will start taking birth control, but it is with some questions? Gynecologists Bárbara Murayama, Alfonso Domingos and Massaguer Mantelli account for the 38 most frequently asked questions regarding contraception. It is noteworthy that it is essential to seek his trusted doctor so that it indicates the best options for you. Check the answers.

38 questions about contraceptive answered by gynecologists - Women Tips38 questions about contraceptive answered by gynecologists - Women Tips

1 - What is the best pill for me?

Barbara: "Many factors should be evaluated before choosing the best contraceptive method from personal history, such as hypertension, smoking, to factors such as cramps, bloating". Therefore, each person should resort to the gynecologist to choose the contraceptive and not take on their own.

2 - When you start a pill chart for the first time?

Barbara: "The pill is a medication and as such should only be taken under medical supervision. In general, any method started in the first phase of the cycle, when the menstruating woman, so we have an assurance that she is not pregnant "

3 - From that day the pill begins to work?

Barbara: "There may be variations between the different pills. The ideal is to keep another method until the start of the second chart, such as condoms. So also prevents STDs. "

4 - In the pause between one card and another I can have sex without fear of getting pregnant?

Barbara: "If you are taking the medication correctly is protected in the break."

5 - What if I forget to take a day?

Barbara: "The pills should always be taken at the same time. If there is forgetfulness, should take the pill yet, but we need to keep another method such as condom until the beginning of the next pack. Always read the label carefully before starting. Each has a scheme in case of forgetfulness. "

6 - I want to advance or retard my period; I continue to take the pill without stopping?

Barbara: "That may happen in some situations, but you need medical advice. Why can happen irregularities menstruation. One should not do that without talking to your gynecologist before. "

7 - It is true that you must stop the pill from time to time for the body to rest?

Barbara: "No. But you need to do medical monitoring every 6 months because it is medication ".

8 - If I have no business for a long time, need to go on the pill?

Barbara: "If the pill is only to prevent pregnancy, the obstetrician may suggest that the patient stop. But if there are other functions, such as aid in the treatment of cramps, PMS, among others, can be maintained. So the most important is to maintain regular visits to your doctor. "

9 - Pill is bad?

Barbara: "It's a medication, like any medicine, have side effects, so it should be used with discretion, under medical indication."

10 - pill used to treat diseases or just to avoid pregnancy?

Barbara: "Yes. Can be used to treat endometriosis, cramps, PMS, and other problems. "

11 - I forgot to take the pill, and now? What should I do?

Barbara: "The ideal is to always take the same time. If you forget, contact your doctor and read the label of your medication. "

12 - What is the birth control pill? What she's done?

Alfonso "is a tablet containing the hormones and avoids an unwanted pregnancy. The usual hormones are estrogen and progesterone. "

13 - How does the pill?

Alfonso: "The primary function is to inhibit ovulation, but they also complicate pregnancy by altering: the endometrium (site of embryo implantation in the uterus); tubes, hindering the movement of these and therefore the communication between sperm and egg; cervical mucus, hindering the entry of sperm into the uterus. "

14 - It's bad to use the pill without menstruation?

Alfonso: "It does not matter if the patient has a regular control by your gynecologist."

15 - What are the advantages of contraceptive pill without estrogen?

Alfonso: "There is the potential risk of estrogen, which are cardiovascular diseases (such as thrombosis), increased pressure and reduced milk production."

16 - What are the advantages and disadvantages of continuous contraceptive use?

Alfonso: "Progesterone pills are of continuous use, the main disadvantage irregular vaginal bleeding and menstrual irregularity."

17 - The contraceptive can be used during breastfeeding?

Alfonso: "Those with only progesterone yes."

contraceptive effect in beautycontraceptive effect in beauty

18 - The same contraceptive fattening or is this myth? What contraceptive is not fattening?

Sundays: "Myth. No contraceptive fattening. What can happen is some contraceptives retain more fluid and this is a bump. But to say that is fattening myth. There is already some contraceptives on the market with diuretics in its formula, which reduces this unwanted side effect. "

19 - Which pill fattening more or have more side effects?

Barbara: "Today most pills have lower doses of hormones, which reduces side effects like headache, swelling, dizziness, among others."

20 - Contraception stain the skin?

Sunday: "It depends. Some contraceptive whose estrogen dosage is high, can lead to skin spots, especially in the face region is exposed to the sun without adequate sun protection. "

21 - Contraception is good for hair growth?

Sundays: "Some types of birth control has anti androgenic action, which improves the greasiness of the hair and also decreases its fall. But not everyone who has these properties. "

22 - Contraception can cause varicose veins?

Sunday: "In women who already have a predisposition to varicose veins or who have a previous venous insufficiency, the contraceptive could worsen this situation and lead to the appearance of varicose veins."

technical questions about contraceptiontechnical questions about contraception

23 - What are they and what are bio-identical hormones?

Alfonso: "These are hormones identical to those produced in our body. They can be produced in the laboratory or not, but the molecule is the same as produced in our body. "

24 - What are the main benefits of the therapeutic use of the contraceptive pill?

Alfonso: "There are many: reduction of ovarian cysts; reduction of cystic fibrosis and breast cysts; reducing the flow and menstrual pain; reduction in ovarian and endometrial tumor; Control polycystic ovary; regulating menstrual cycle. In some cases it may help PMS, improve the skin and prevent unwanted pregnancies. "

25 - What is the minimum age to start using the contraceptive pill?

Alfonso: "We do not say a minimum age. You can use in any woman of reproductive age (after the first period). "

26 - Can I take birth control before surgery, for example plastic or a simple extraction of wisdom teeth?

Alfonso: "You can take, but the ideal is to stop the use if you stay immobilized for long periods, the risk of thrombosis."

contraceptive securitycontraceptive security

27 - If we take contraceptives for years, how long it takes for fertility normalize?

Sundays: "Usually in the month following the birth of the stop, the woman already has her fertility resumed. May occur in some women take a little longer to get pregnant, but that is not the rule. "

28 - I wonder if taking it right, is a 100% safe method?

Sundays: "No contraceptive method is 100% safe. All have a small expected failure rate. The efficiency is around 99%. "

29 - It is normal menstruation down before even taking regularly? If this happens, there is the risk of the drug not be having an effect?

Sunday: "There may be menstrual irregularity sometime in the period when using this contraceptive, but that does not mean he is not having an effect. The trend is the cycle back to normal the next month. If not, see your doctor because you may need to change birth control. "

30 - What are the side effects of AC for those who continually takes?

Sundays: "The contraceptive when taken without break will cause the woman does not menstruate, and at the same time can also leave the irregular cycle, occurring blood spoting (loss discreet and irregular blood) between cycles. The risks of having headaches and stroke also increase. If the woman does not want to menstruate more, you should search for a particular contraceptive method for this purpose, and not be taking the contraceptive should pause, continuously, as this could be harmful. "

31 - The chart is not over, but there is a bleeding for days. I stop the pill or finish the pack?

Sundays: "The ideal is not to interrupt and finish the pack. The chance of all to normalize in the next cycle is great. If you stop taking the bleeding may even get worse. "

side effects of contraceptivesside effects of contraceptives

32 - The pill causes migraines?

Sundays: "The headache is one of the side effects of contraceptives. So if the patient has had migraine attacks before they start taking the pill, it can get worse. Otherwise, only a small percentage has this side effect of the pill. "

33 - Antibiotic cuts the effect of contraceptive. Myth or truth?

Sundays: "True. Some classes of antibiotics decrease the effectiveness of birth control pills. But not all. Your doctor will advise properly on the use and interactions between them. "

34 - The pill can lower the libido of women?

Sundays: "The decline in libido is another side effect of birth control pills. But it's not a rule. Much depends on the type of contraceptive and hormone dosage that he has. There are some women who even report an increase in libido with the use of certain birth control. "

Contraceptives: Stay alert!Contraceptives: Stay alert!

35 - Up to what age women can take the pill?

Alfonso: "Until menopause."

36 - It's bad to take the same birth for a long time?

Alfonso: "No, if there is a regular gynecological control."

37 - Do you have trouble taking solid even without yet having been a mother?

Alfonso: "No, no problem."

38 - A mixture of birth and even cigarette is dangerous?

Alfonso: "Yes, they may increase the risk of thrombosis. Women who smoke and are over 35 years can not take the pill. "