How to eat without getting fat - Women Tips

To have a proper nutrition, it is essential to not give up breakfast, lunch and dinner. And you are wrong who think that to lose weight, you need to decrease the amount of meals. Besides the three main meals, we need to eat in between. An balanced diet asks up to five meals a day.

The big secret to eat without getting fat, food is up moderately at various times of the day, giving intervals of two to three hours between each meal. Another important tip is to always choose healthier foods to make up the menu.

Carbohydrates, proteins, food regulators and the good fats are basic sources of food that should be eaten in the three main meals of the day.


At breakfast, the food should be high in carbohydrates, found in breads, protein, that are in the milk and milk products and regulators must contain foods such as fruits.


For lunch, the food must be balanced. Two large tablespoons of rice or four shallow, a bean shell and a salad dessert plate are sufficient. Complement proteins with the plate. Eat a steak, which should be grilled and have the palm size of your hand.

Have a dinner

For dinner, prefer lighter fare, rich in carbohydrates, protein and good fats. Instead of eating red meat and heavy, opt for white and light meats like fish and chicken.

In between meals, choose foods that guarantee energy to the body, especially in the afternoon. It can be a natural sandwich, yogurt, cereal bar, granola, milk and fruit.