translucent powder: a guide to using the product and make rock the

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The translucent powder is used to give the final finish on the makeup, helping in fixing and removing the skin glow. This type of powder can come in loose versions or in compact versions. The most common is that the translucent powder is white, but there are also versions with color.

The use of translucent powder to finish the makeup gives a more natural effect and removes the effect that some oily bases may fail. Some more modern products also have versions in HD (high definition) that are even more effective, have long-lasting and do not score.

The product forms a veil over the makeup and is usually applied in small quantities across the face. It is invisible in daylight, but under strong lights or flash photography of use, it may appear and cause nothing pleasing effect, so when using the product it is necessary to take some care.

Besides being used for completion of make-up, translucent powder can also have other uses, for example, matificar lipsticks and fix shadows any longer. Learn the uses of translucent powder and tips to make the most of your makeup.

How to use translucent powder

translucent powder: a guide to using the product and make rock the

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To take your questions on how to bet in translucent powder and rock the make, separated some tips to facilitate and make everything more practical. The tips are the make-up artist and founder of the Village Beauty Salon, Andrea Guedes. Check it:

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1. To end the make

The translucent powder can be used to make the final step, to remove oily skin and impart a velvety appearance to the skin.

How to apply: use a brush fiber with circular movements and very light weight, applying and spreading the product all over the face. Should only pay attention to the eye region not to accumulate product.

2. To matificar lipsticks

You know that your creamy lipstick that you would love to have the matte effect? The translucent powder can be your ally.

How to apply: for the matte effect just apply the translucent powder after passing lipstick with a brush to own lipstick. Besides matificar lipstick, translucent powder also increases the duration.

3. To remove excess shadow

Use dark shadows can be a problem for those without a lot of practice, since the waste falling into the bottom of the eyelid may end up damaging the makeup. The translucent powder can be the solution.

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How to apply: apply some generous layers of translucent powder on the lower lid before using the shade. At the end of eye makeup, remove the residue with a clean brush and broom movement. Thus the shadow of waste disappear along with the accumulated layers of dust.

4. For the shadow last longer

What good is your makeup be amazing if the duration is short? With the help of translucent powder your shadow can last much longer.

How to apply: apply a little translucent powder on the mobile eyelid with a fingertip, before using the shade.

As we can see, translucent powder is a very versatile product, which can have various forms of use to value their productions. By following the tips the result will be amazing!

What translucent powder to buy?

There are varied kinds of translucent powder available. Compact or loose, with or without pigment. For those in doubt, the makeup artist Andrea Guedes recommends opting for a universal and neutral tone, "for example white, which, strangely enough, goes well with all colors and skin types."

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For those who are new, compact version of translucent powder is the most suitable. Already powders with pigment are for brown and black skins that do not adapt to without pigment powder. Below you can see a list of some options to buy.

translucent powder: a guide to using the product and make rock the

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Where to buy

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  7. Translucent Pressed Powder MAC in Web Beauty

The translucent powder is well suited to all types and skin tones and is an ally against skin oils, keeping the makeup longer and ensuring other beauty tricks. Certainly a very interesting product for those who want to rock the make!