10 myths about getting pregnant - Women Tips

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There is no denying that the teachings that parents pass on to their children, from generation to generation, are loaded with popular wisdom and knowledge, who has lived situations and has life experience. However, some of the popular rules related to pregnancy are wrong, are just myths. Meet these 10 myths about getting pregnant.

1. Wash the vagina after intercourse does not prevent pregnancy. Once the partner ejaculates, the sperm are released directly to the cervix and move at 45 km / h speed, there is no way to stop the process through a bath.

2. Anyone who believes that sexual position can influence the sex of the baby, you're wrong. There is no relationship between the chosen location and the sex of the child.

3. A recurring question among couples who wish to have a child is: we need to have sex every day? The answer is no. The sperm remains in the tubes for two days. To ensure that the sperm will be there when ovulating woman, is stated to have sex three times a week.

4. You can be a mother even after 30 years of age. Every woman who has not pre-existing problems, ovulate in linear intensity up to 35 years. After that age, the production decreases, which makes the possibility of getting pregnant more difficult. Anyway, as long as menstruation, there are chances of pregnancy. The problem is that the older the mother, the child can suffer from malformation.

5. Some believe that the body temperature shows when the woman is ovulating, but it's just a myth. Body temperature varies from the health status of women, therefore, it can not be used as a parameter to detect ovulation.

6. Some women believe that if they stay with the legs raised after intercourse, are more likely to become pregnant. As explained above, the sperm are released to the cervix to 45 km / h, regardless of the position where the woman is.

7. Since children, women feed the dream of having a child. Today's advanced technology works with which medicine helps in the realization of this desire, but do not guarantee pregnancy because some people have chronic problems.

8. Sit on pads does not increase the chances of a woman becoming pregnant. It is myth.

9. Who is afraid of taking birth control pills because they think that after stopping use when you're trying to conceive, have trouble getting, you can be carefree. If all the medicine has been taken under medical supervision, as well as the interruption has been planned and targeted, there will be no problem.

10. The time interval between the gestation of a child and the other does not influence anything in the second pregnancy. If the mother and father do not have any health problems related to fertility during the period, the pregnancy will be successful.