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Present daily in the course of Brazilians, rice is one of the most consumed grain in the world and considered the main source of carbohydrate daily the majority of the population.

A rice tablespoon contains about 40 calories and, at the time of preparation, there is a certain recipe: each has to do so, with the spice and the increments they like best.

Check out some tips compiled with the help of nutritionist Marina Donadi to vary the way of doing and leave their daily rice even healthier!

1. Reduce the amount of oil

According to nutritionist Marina Donadi, one of the ways to make the healthiest rice is to reduce the amount of fat. A tablespoon of oil is enough to prepare a cup of uncooked rice.

2. Reduce the amount of salt

If consumed in excess, salt can trigger serious health problems, such as development or worsening of hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Therefore, seeks to reduce the amount of salt added to the rice.

3. Avoid ready spices

In general, processed seasonings are high in sodium and can overload the kidneys, raise cholesterol levels and raise blood pressure. Furthermore, they have a number of chemical additives such as coloring agents and preservatives.

4. Prefer brown rice

Unsurprisingly brown rice is more beneficial than white. By not pass through the polishing process, it keeps the outer layer of the grain and its nutritional properties. Rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals, the rice aids in the proper functioning of the intestine, reducing absorption of fat and prolongs the feeling of satiety.

5. Spice up your rice

Some ingredients such as peas and corn are great options to increase rice every day. The pea is rich in vitamins and minerals and provides important nutrients for maintaining bone health. Since corn is a slow carbohydrate absorption and rich in fibers, which assist in the proper functioning of the intestine and helps to reduce cholesterol levels. But nutritionist warning: because of the industrialization process, canned foods are high in sodium and low in nutrients. So it is interesting to prepare food at home. Cook the corn, remove the spike and freeze in small portions.

6. Add oil

In addition to adding a delicious flavor, oilseeds and nuts, almonds and walnuts leave the most complete food because they are rich in good fats that help lower cholesterol. They also help to reduce the speed at which carbohydrate is absorbed by the body, prolonging the feeling of fullness. But nutritionist Marina Donadi alert: oilseeds are caloric and should be consumed in moderation by those who want to maintain and lose weight.

7. Add vegetables

Add vegetables like carrots are a good way to vary. Besides leaving the most beautiful and colorful dish, you enjoy the benefits of vegetables. Carrots, for example, are rich in fiber and beta-carotene, which has antioxidant effect, as well as vitamin A, essential for eye health. Broccoli is also a great option. In addition to having low calories, broccoli is high in fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and many other nutrients beneficial to your health.

8. Avoid using butter in the preparation

To be rich in health-damaging fats, butter should be avoided. The ingredient also greatly increases the caloric value of food.

9. Bet on rice combination with beans

No wonder that the duo is so famous in the dish of Brazilians, as both are complementary perfectly. Although rice is a food rapid absorption, beans are high in fiber and helps maintain stable blood glucose levels in the blood. Therefore, consuming the two together is a great option.