Who does not like to celebrate events with good food and good company? If you enjoy the art of cooking and want to "make nice" this Easter, bet on or not elaborate desserts, but very tasty, to delight and please your guests or who you are visiting on Easter Sunday.

Check out the following six dessert suggestions that will make your Easter in a gastronomically irresistible event.

Carob Cake: This is a typical cake that appeals to everyone. The recipe calls for ingredients easy to find and has simple and clear instructions, yields for 6 people.

6 recipes for tasty desserts for Easter - Women Tips

Carob Cake. Photo: Reproduction

Shortbreads chestnut to chocolate: The shortbread traditionally Scotch is a type of biscuit is characterized by its large amount of butter in the composition. This version was made with chestnuts and chocolate icing, which is unusual, since it is usually not covered. It is certainly a charming dessert for your Easter. Makes 50 biscuits.

6 recipes for tasty desserts for Easter - Women Tips

the chocolate nut shortbreads. Photo: Reproduction

Chocolate cheesecake: This is a slightly more elaborate recipe. The sweet, soft, full-bodied, pleases many tastes and is a good choice for Easter. The recipe makes a beautiful cheesecake feeding a small amount of people.

6 recipes for tasty desserts for Easter - Women Tips

Chocolate cheesecake. Photo: Reproduction

Cupcake on the egg shell: Sweet is an unusual and requires both skill and whim, but is a right option to please those with small children in the family.

6 recipes for tasty desserts for Easter - Women Tips

Cupcake in egg home. Photo: Reproduction

white chocolate chips with raisins and nutsHe won a white Easter egg and do not know what to do with it? How about turning it with this delicious recipe? It is easy and pays well.

6 recipes for tasty desserts for Easter - Women Tips

white chocolate chips. Photo: Reproduction

Traditional Easter Colomba: This is a very traditional dessert Easter. Usually Colomba is made into a dove shape, symbol representing peace. For those who want to follow the tradition to the letter, this sweet can not miss Easter.

6 recipes for tasty desserts for Easter - Women Tips

Traditional Easter Colomba. Photo: Reproduction

When making dessert for Easter, do not forget to factor in the amount of people and possible food allergies who will consume the dessert you have prepared. Taking care of these details makes it even better because host and liked by your guests.

And to make your Easter table even more special, one option is to make a rabbit in folding format in napkin each guest and use it to decorate the table where the meal will be served.

If you go have lunch or dinner at the home of a friend or relative, do not hesitate to ask if you can contribute taking a dessert made for you.

This is a reassuring gesture and will certainly please the host and impress guests.

So, what is the dessert that you choose to celebrate this Easter? Share with us in the comments below.