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Maintain adequate personal hygiene is very important to protect the genital infections and other nuisances. We must be attentive to small daily care and with the arrival of high temperatures, the care with personal hygiene need to be redoubled. Especially in the heat, some habits that are apparently not harmful, such as staying with wet bikini for a long time, can cause several problems.

How to maintain good personal hygiene?

Measures to maintain good personal hygiene are simple but essential. The use of bathing suits or wet panties for an extended period creates the perfect environment for fungi and disease-causing bacteria to multiply in the genital area of ​​women. Once out of the sea or the pool, change clothes and wear a clean underwear and dry.

Daily protectors are also villains because smother the region and can cause discharge, itching and infections. Very attention also with the absorbent, which must be replaced every four hours, even if menstrual flow is little. Always in the wet wipes market, they are great for emergencies, but should not be used every day to not cause irritation and itching.

In day-to-day, avoid wearing too tight and thick fabric clothes, prefer lighter clothes. As for the panties, they should be placed forever to dry in a cool, dry place, never inside the bathroom. Avoid panties synthetic fabric, the ideal is to use cotton or tissues to facilitate transpiration and ventilation of the vagina. Leave to use the panties of other tissues on special occasions.

The intimate soaps are good allies to help preserve the feminine hygiene, since the common soaps tend to be little or too much acids for the daily hygiene of women. How to have a degree of acidity similar to the genital region, the intimate soaps help to maintain balance and reduce the chances of irritation in the vagina even in hot weather or excessive sweat activities, such as during sports . The soaps with neutral pH or glycerin soaps are also indicated for women's intimate hygiene, because it does not irritate the skin.