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An engagement party is usually intimate gathering to celebrate the decision of the couple getting married. There are rules about style, what should or should not be at the party, or your schedule, and this celebration of free expression of the future couple.

The oldest traditions determined that the engagement party was offered by the bride's family, held in his home and that only on this occasion there was the exchange of alliances, but these obrigatoriedades no longer exist, including, most grooms prefer the freedom of organize this event for themselves, wherever they want, as your tastes and put the ring on one finger at a time other two.

The tendency toward less traditional parties, has also caused many newlyweds celebrate their engagement in two separate meetings, one with the family and with other friends, for they consider easier to manage the environment as the interest of each group.

Regardless of the fact whether or not the integration of family members and friends of the couple, or to save or not aspects of ancient traditions; the most important is the engagement party is a joyful time that will make them remember engaged and sharing with guests the origin of his love will be apparent soon in union. Here are some different ideas of how it can be made the celebration:

Lunch or dinner engagement

The traditional version is made by the bride's mother in the family home or the bride in her future home, serving formal meals - with starter, main course with side dishes and dessert; or informal - with only one dish and a dessert. These meals may be consistent with the origin of the family or from different cultures.

For those who do not want to work the mother and not wear out in the kitchen there is the option to maintain the tradition of most practical way by selecting a sophisticated restaurant to hold the event.

The relaxed version of lunch or dinner engagement can be a barbecue or a pizza rotation made by the family at home, grillers or contractors pizzaiolos or steakhouses and pizzerias.

Engagement Cocktail

The engagement cocktail can be classic, serving finger foods and drinks, or tables of cold and wines; or simpler, with snacks, sandwiches and several metro drinks. The food and drink can be made by the family, the bride or by a contracted service; and achievement can be in the bride's family home, the house of the future couple or in a ballroom.

Brunch or afternoon tea Engagement

The brunch or engagement afternoon tea in old style, can be performed by the bride's mother, the bride or by a company. The food served include breads, cold cuts, savory roasts, salads, pies, pastries, coffee, juice, tea and soft drinks. This event can happen in the former or future home of the bride, in a ballroom or an elegant pastry shop.

Grooms who prefer a more modern option for brunch or afternoon tea can innovate conducting this event in picnic format in a beautiful park in your town.

In every possible party models, providing cake and champagne to be consumed in order party with a speech of the couple is a good thing. Just be careful that the engagement party is not divergent wedding style, not get too like what you want to offer on the day of the wedding not to spoil the surprise.