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In the market for over 70 years, Hipoglós ointment is originally used to prevent and treat diaper rash in infants, creating a protective layer on the skin and hampering its contact with urine, feces and even the diaper. Its super effective formula, moreover, has also been very exploited for home cosmetic treatments.

According to Dr. Newton Morais, a dermatologist and director of the Clinic More Medical Excellence Sao Paulo, these protective actions and treatment of the skin due to the product's composition, "which combines vitamin A (as retinol) and D emollients and moisturizing. "

Already its latest version, the Hipoglós Almonds, as well as having the fragrance of this seed, replaces vitamin D from the traditional formula for vitamin E, which "fights free radicals formed mainly by external aggressions, such as pollution, ultraviolet radiation and oxidative stress "he explains.

The super moisturizing effect of both versions of the ointment is what has attracted the attention of many people for its benefits in treating areas compromised by skin dryness, such as elbows and knees, and motivated experiments for cosmetic use Hipoglós. Although this application can bring results, the dermatologist Douglas Lobão points out that there is no scientific evidence of significant aesthetic actions.

Care in the use of Hipoglós

Nevertheless, the Hipoglós no specific contraindications, and, in most cases, can be used without fear. In addition to the cases of allergies to any of its components, the application of the ointment should be avoided in areas with wounds, mucous and oily skin areas, since its composition brings greasy and heavy elements such as cod oil, which as remembers Dr. Newton, "may cause the closing of the pores and the appearance of acne."

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Observing these restrictions, you can use the product as an ingredient in homemade recipes treatments for basic purposes such as hydration in some regions of the body and other more ambitious, like ease dark circles and even whitening stains.

Where to buy Hipoglós

Being a fairly consolidated product in the market, Hipoglós is present on shelves of all Brazil, mainly pharmacies, supermarkets and cosmetic stores. To purchase the traditional ointment, almonds version or similar Pomaglós almonds with added convenience, you can also make the purchase at online stores. A safe option to buy Hipoglós the Internet is the site of the drugstore Onofre, which delivers all over Brazil and has great prices.

  • Hipoglós traditional 90g ointment: R $ 17.74
  • Hipoglós cream 40g almonds: R $ 21.09

6 recipes Hipoglós

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With the popularity of these homemade cosmetic recipes, it is normal crazy procedures are easily found on the Internet. However, the most recommended is that your dermatologist should be consulted before applying any of the mixtures or even if you do a quick analysis to assess whether there is any dangerous or questionable statement in step-by-step.

A well-known recipe, for example, is the splines smoothing the skin from friction with a fine tooth comb. However, Newton Morais expert warns that "you should not do this treatment, because there is the risk of hurting the skin, causing even spots."

Taking these precautions, you can bet on some cosmetic treatments Hipoglós that do not offer health risk. In the list below you can check out six recipes, from the simplest, which take few ingredients, the most elaborate and curious.

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1. Stain

To lighten the skin and help in removing stains, one of the most famous recipes, originally attributed to the doctor plastic surgeon Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, is prepared from the mixture of Hipoglós ointment with another well-known for numerous purposes, Bepantol.

For application, the mixture prepared Hipoglos, Bepantol and add 5 drops of vitamin A over 5 drops of vitamin E. The amount of ointment is not established, it is important to use only the amount required to cover the site.

This mask can be used up to three times a week and maintained on clean skin for about 40 minutes on each application. It is important to remember that the preparation should be done only at the time the revenue is to be used.

2. To alleviate dark circles

The recommendation of Dr. Douglas Lobão to soften dark circles is a more concentrated version of the mask spotter. Using only two centimeters Hipoglos Bepantol and the mixture is made with 3 drops of vitamin A and vitamin E.

The preparation can be applied every night on the eyelids and must be removed in the morning. "This recipe will moisturize this region of the skin, softening the appearance of dark circles," explains dermatologist.

3. firming mask

Kingdom to cooking ingredients, including Hipoglós can act to combat sagging! In a blender, beat a sushi seaweed sheet (Nori), one egg and a tablespoon of cream. With the ready-mix, use a brush to applying the mask on the face and wait 30 minutes to remove it.

4. Moisturizing Body

The use of pure Hipoglós is not enough to solve the skin dryness, you can associate it with other elements that act on skin hydration. In this recipe, 1 large tube of ointment is mixed with one big pot of Nivea cream, cream Universal one big Merck, 1 bottle of 300ml of grape or almond oil 2 vitamin A and 2 ampoules of vials vitamin D.

The preparation yields a lot and, unlike the mask spotter, need not be done every time you use. This super moisturizer can be applied to the skin every day after bathing.

5. Lip Moisturizer

Especially for people who use drugs like Accutane, medical Newton Morais recommends a simple mixture of Hipoglós and Bepantol for daily application on the lips.

6. nail strengthener

With its powerful formula, Hipoglós, and hydrate, also helps in calcium absorption and stimulates cell reproduction, actions that can be extremely beneficial for the nails. Pure ointment can be applied daily in this area, just take care to massage it until the product is completely absorbed, so that her whitish short completely.

Ideally, the use of Hipoglós happen without nail enamel, which also favors its whitening, removing the yellowish caused by the excess of these products. When the nails are longer, you can also use the ointment with the same enamel, just apply it under the nails.

The power of Retinol in the product

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The versatility of Hipoglós is guaranteed by its full super formula that acts in various ways on the skin. One of its components, however, is what draws more attention, especially for cosmetic uses of the ointment.

Retinol is vitamin A purified molecule, "having as main effect the regeneration and production of collagen fibers and elastin stimulus" explains Dr. Newton. These actions are the reason this is one of the main elements of various cosmetic products, such as anti-aging creams and treatments for acne.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, vitamin A is also essential for the maintenance of other body functions. For the eyes, its action concerns the protection of the cornea and the prevention of night blindness; acts in the formation of GH growth hormone, helps the immune cells in the body and improves immunity, and act to repair skin cell production.

Although vitamin A is present in many foods of both vegetable and animal origin, Retinol, which is a derivative of retinoic acid can be found primarily in the second group, mainly in protein foods such as meat and eggs.

How to remove stains from Hipoglós

Because of its rather oily formulation and of a more consistent texture, it is normal that the Hipoglos sticking to any surface that abuts. If an accident happens and some of the cosmetic recipes end up staining an outfit or even the sheet, do not despair!

  • Lighten the sun: wet rub the stained part and the dirty place with coconut soap or soap neutral white. Put to dry in the sun for about 45 minutes, but be careful not to dry too; worth keep putting water on the stained area. After this process, wash it normally!
  • Soaking: make a mixture with a small amount of alcohol, salt, soap and complete with the amount of water needed to cover the stained part. After letting it soak for at most one hour, wash it normally!

It is worth noting that it is important to consult a dermatologist before making any kind of aesthetic treatment, even if it seems a harmless homemade recipe.