Enamel Gel - Women Tips

The newest technology available in the Brazilian market for nails is called semi-permanent enameling, known among women as the technique of applying glaze gel. So, being the dream of every woman who usually do the nails with some frequency, the glaze has durability, the product promises to increase its shelf life, without peeling, flaking, yellowing, lose luster or blur, within fifteen days.

The product is already available in some cities halls like Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and has the same consistency of conventional enamels, and can be applied on the nails or false nails. Therefore, the main difference for the application is that after enamelled, nails need to be put in a cabin of UV drying.

Moreover, the application of the gel enamel must be accurate, since there is the possibility to clean the corners of the fingers, as is customary after applying the common enamel. Therefore, it is somewhat complicated to apply it without the help of a professional, and it is recommended then, looking for a salon that offers this service.

The removal of the product, in turn, is also different: it must be done with remover false nails because traditional removers are not able to remove the enamel gel nails. However, both the application as the removal should be done by a specialist.

The application of the disadvantages? As the nails grow, a gap begins to appear between the root of the nail and the enamelled part. The solution is to go to the salon to touch up only if the apparent range of the nail actually cause nuisance. However, for women who have racing routines, or will make long trips, not having to worry about nails it is practical and advantageous.

In Brazil, Fing'rs, Star Nail and Global Classic are among the brands that offer the product, with the average value of R $ 45.00 bottle. You can also find nail polish gel imported brands such as Nailite in sites of international online sales as Head2Toe and SleekHair, and worth looking for product brands that deliver in Brazil, as Axxium, OPI and Orly . Inquire about the forms of payment, deadlines and delivery charges before finalizing the purchase.

The application of glaze gel costs an average of R $ 45.00 and the market, are available in several colors. However, semi-permanent enameling technique promises to be a facilitator on the women's day, where you can even wash the dishes without the slightest concern.