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The breasts have an essential role in the feeling of femininity of women. When the breasts are in harmony with the rest of the body, this can be a nuisance for some women, and they end up opting for silicone implant.

First of all, it is important to remember that it is necessary to choose the implant size according to the body structure of each woman.

The main factor when choosing the size of the prosthesis It is to keep in mind that the procedure is not as easy or as reversible as the exchange of a bra to another larger. It is important that the decision be taken with caution, because to remove the implant or exchange it for another then again bring all the work and the necessary recovery on an implant insertion surgery.

Some people choose to generously sized implant, ignoring sometimes the doctor's recommendation. It is important to consider that the higher the prosthesis, the more weight you carry and it can lead to back pain.

Moreover, one should take into account that over the years, the breast skin becomes flabby and then it may be necessary to place a larger implant to correct sagging breasts. Thus, the ideal is to get the minimum size and with time, if deemed necessary, change size.

Talk to several surgeons and ask their opinion. If the surgeon says that its size does not contain more than 300ml, for example, it is not recommended to insist on a larger prosthesis. After all, the surgeon know what is the ideal size for your body and its structure.

What is the perfect size silicone implants?

Most prosthesis is right for tall women or have wide hips. Otherwise, silicone prosthesis You can give the impression that women are more "plump", which could result in another aesthetic dissatisfaction. For patients who have not had children, the best option are the smallest prostheses because after breastfeeding the skin may extend. To make the choice of the model and size, the surgeon will take into account the distance between the areolas, the distance between the breast and neck - among other factors that make the difference.

It is extremely important to consult a well qualified plastic surgeon - and if possible more than one - because it has the role to assist you at this time. Regardless of the size or the model chosen, it is essential to view the patient and the evaluation of the surgeon, taking into account the anatomy of the chest, breast contents, skin type and height.