Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

The candy colors fashion arrived to give a softened in tones fluoride that were successful last season. With softer colors than were fever last summer, the candy colors have sweetened shades that even resemble candy color.

Cheerful and delicate colors and pastel shades well clarinhos of candy colors have everything to be hit of the season and combine very well with the trends in women's fashion summer 2011, which comes with very romantic, and the lady like style.

The clothes, accessories and shoes must appear in milder color than usual, all with many bows, ruffles, ribbons and other elements that add to the visual delicacy.

Even the pieces in leather and heavy materials gain lightness in versions with these colors. Especially the pink, purple, yellow, coral, green water and nude.

Proof that the candy colors fashion is all to catch are the collections of makeup and nail polishes that are being launched in the colors of the trend.

Using the fashion candy colors

To get into the fever of candy colors without giving that "cleared" the visual, a tip is to choose the color according to your skin tone.

It's pretty easy. Who have fair skin should opt for more drawn to colors pink, lilac, coral and be very careful with nude tones. Brunettes are the most privileged, you can choose any shade of candy colors.

color blends are also welcome, but you need to compose the look without exaggeration, not to appear in costume or too childish. Combinations of candy colors with black can be dangerous, as there is enough contrast between the tones. To give a balanced production is best left to invest in accessories in dark tones.

Photo: ReproductionPhoto: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction