House cleaning with baking soda - Women Tips

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It is common in everyday life, housewives look for cleansers that promise to cleaning more effectively and quickly, after all, nothing better than having a good clean home without having to allocate a day for cleaning. For this product brands offer several options with different values ​​on the shelves of markets.

Although these products are really efficient, they contain in their formula chemical compounds that evaporate easily, which can cause irritation to skin, eyes and depending on the case, to compromise the airway. Even more dry days, you need to exercise caution to avoid the famous respiratory allergies.

In this case, we need to look for natural resources and less harmful to health to clean the rooms of the house. For this, a good option is to make the cleaning with sodium bicarbonate.

For chemical Mário Souza, "sodium bicarbonate perfectly replaces the use of bleach and detergent, which are items that tend to irritate the skin of people who have sensitivity to chlorine and formaldehyde."

Souza says that the substance absorbs odors and is essential for the kitchen cleaning and environments with a lot of fat. "But as well as other chemicals to make daily cleaning is necessary to use protective gloves," said the chemist.

Some tips

For cleaning the oven, Souza recommended to a hot solution with a small amount of bicarbonate. "You can find the substance in supermarkets or pharmacies simple," he says.

The drain of the sink clogged with fat? Nothing better than to put a tablespoon of baking to heat with hot water in a simple kettle and throw the mixture in ralinho. He desentupirá shortly.

To sanitize the interior of the refrigerator, the substance mix with water and a little soap, and wipe with a dry piece of cloth. All the dirt easily leave the appliance.

During the preparation of lunch and dinner, it is common for food from sticking to the bottom and sides of pans. For unglued is simple: warm water and sodium bicarbonate. Let sit for a few minutes and then spend a sponge with detergent that your pot will be quite clean in moments.

Benefits of baking soda for cleaning the house

Objects without spots: In addition to the component is ideal for sanitizing kitchen surfaces, bathrooms and bedrooms, it is recommended to remove spots on cookware and housewares. "By making a simple solution of hot water with bicarbonate is possible to bleach fabrics, scouring dishes, glasses, pots and used even for frying foods," comments chemist.

Carpet cleaning: Do you want to clean the living room carpet? Then stir in the baking soda in 1 L of water and a broom, go rubbing the carpet. It will be pretty clean and no bad smell, after all, the substance also removes the musty smell contained in the tissue.

stainless steel surfaces: The stainless steel is a material that stain very easily, does not it? But you can sanitize with the substance and will have no future problems. For this, mix baking soda in the boiling water and play under the sink. In addition to eliminating the bacteria, you will have a clean and clear sink, no stains.

In addition to these benefits, the substance is also recommended for dental cleaning brushes and combs. "Making the mixture with warm water, you will clean objects more easily, in addition also of sodium bicarbonate have a much more affordable price than conventional cleaning products," concludes the chemical.