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The ban on distribution of plastic polyethylene bags in trade of several Brazilian cities generated a strong controversy among the government agencies, defense to the consumer protection institutions to nature and traders. As the decision was that the distribution of these bags back to be free, it is important that we learn the upcycling, preventing the blurring of this struggle makes us accumulate plastic bag cells and harm the nature.

According to the Ministry of Environment the use of plastic by society, although not as high as the industry, it is quite striking, because the plastic bag, the most common item disposal, both affect cities - clogging storm drains, causing flooding and allowing with accumulation of water in the spread of the dengue mosquito; as nature - polluting the waters and killing animals that ingest it by mistake.

Many people aware of this damage to nature developed techniques to reuse plastic bags and give them a new use, turning them into useful objects for home or for you. The invention has been so well accepted that many of these products are now sold and generate extra income for the creative.

Crafts with plastic bags

All possible products to be generated from the plastic bags are derived from a single technique: crochet. The only difference between the traditional and the crochet crochet plastic bag is that instead of wool fabric or yarn is utilized cut strips of plastic bags forming a plastic wire ball.

There are no limitations on the crochet points to be made with plastic wire, or as the result of the final product, including the crocheted plastic bags creates more resistant and waterproof products.

To make this type of craft you will need the following materials:

  • Plastic bags;
  • moisturizer - use a very cheap;
  • Crochet needles;
  • Scissors.

The way to do is very simple: start cutting the handles and even the bottom of the bag you will use. straighten the bag, so that its natural folds are undone. Then fold one side to the middle again and fold the bag using the same as before, leaving a portion without bending. Cut vertical strips the entire length of the folded part of the bag.

Unfold the strip and the first one to make a cut on the diagonal so as to form a tip. Take the tip and follow up to the part that is not cut, cut joining the next strip until a single thread is formed.

This huge wire should be wrapped around the hand to form the plastic ball to be made crochet. The moisturizer should be put in hand as they do not use the needle and every time you give a point, you should wet the tip of the needle in the moisturizer to the wire plastic created become more malleable to work.

If you were unsure by not having knowledge of crochet stitches, there are several specialized magazines at newsstands and blogs artisans that give step by step various types of braided. Be sure to release your imagination and potential to make beautiful crafts that on top help nature.