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Change the look is very important for self-esteem women. Cutting hair, dyeing, making locks and anything for the result in the mirror is favorable.

The change sometimes can be risky and there are gradual ways to make them not to be frightened or regret about the outcome. Getting the hair changes the lights is a good example.

The lights are gradual dyes to brighten small sections according to the chosen tone. Derived from them, the reverse lights have been the darlings of women today, for allowing dark hair.

The reverse light is the same traditional procedure, however, as the name implies, is the process is reversed: the colors used are shades darker than your natural hair.

According to Marques de Paula, the Jassa hall, the style has many advantages. He returns the natural hair and rejuvenates the woman. It also allows soften the very blond tones or leave white or gray hair more stylish, with darker nuances. It is a good option for when the hair is too clear and does not want to return to the original tone at once.

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How do the reverse lights

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To choose the colors, the professional indicates that there is no rule, since the objective is to offer natural style. "In the reverse lights have to return the most natural tone possible hair that every person has," says hair stylist, and also ensures that the lights look good on any skin tone.

As for the choice of procedure used to doing them, depends on the result to be obtained. As with any procedure in the locks, there are various techniques for obtaining style. Paula Marques suggests two: the foil and the cap, which leaves very thin lights.

Here's how to make each procedure and choose your to change the look:

reverse lights with aluminum foil

To do, some materials will help you:

  • Foil cut into squares;
  • Brush dye;
  • Paint of your choice.

How to make:

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1. With dry hair, straighten them and to clear them completely;

2. Divide the hair into pieces for easy application;

3. Select the first strand and support in one of the pieces of foil. He must get behind the hair, with the tops of both together;

4. With the brush, apply the paint, the root of the wires to the ends;

5. Fold the sheet in half along with the hair, so that no part of the wick is exposed;

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6. Let stand for the suggested time and wash then.

reverse lights with cap

To do the reverse lights with cap, you will need the materials below:

  • Disposable gloves;
  • Headdress for lights;
  • crochet needle to pull the wire;
  • Paint of your choice;
  • Brush.

Here's how to do:

1. dry, taut and clear hair, comb back to the cap cover all the wires;

2. Heat the cap with the dryer to increase its grip. Place the cap then;

3. With the help of the needle, pull on each little hole the locks to decide dye;

4. Apply the paint with a brush and leave it for the time requested by the manufacturer. Because it is reverse lights, no need to discolor the strands before;

5. Wash your hair to remove the ink.

reverse reverse strands lights x

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The lights are nothing more than strands with different shades of hair color original. But they are so named because they are thinner than traditional locks. According to Marques de Paula, "the lights have to be much thinner to give a very natural effect, while the locks are already thicker and end up getting well marked."

Special cares

By not needing discolorations, care with the reverse lights are not as demanding as the traditional.

Still, it is essential that the hair is always hydrated so that the natural color stay beautiful and alive.

Marques suggests the full treatment, which is no secret, "Use shampoo and conditioner good quality specific to each type of hair, and always with good treatment masks and ampoules, also specific for each type of hair."

Opinions, experiences and inspirations

See women who have joined the style as they did and what they thought of the result.