4 books for those who want to lose weight healthily - Women Tips

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Lose weight with health: it seems a simple concept, but it is one of the biggest difficulties of those who need or want to lose weight. Numerous diets appear every day, promising to accomplish this arduous task, but nutritionists ensure that, since every body is different from the others, even the correct is to follow a food program designed specifically for you.

If the time to consult a nutritionist is short or the money is not enough, there are other cheaper options, although not replace the professional accompaniment, can give a good help in weight loss. Books, for example, are a good choice, because they can give you good guidance on the composition of diet and exercises suitable for weight loss.

1 - "I can make you lose weight"

If you are of those who think that anything goes for a perfect body, this book is ideal. The author, Paul McKenna, proposes a treatment based primarily on practical work for their attitudes and thoughts in relation to food and body. McKenna is a hypnotist and therefore uses visualization and relaxation exercises to reprogram your self-esteem and their eating habits. This proposal helps not only to lose weight but also to take control of different sectors of your life. The book also has some exciting stories.

2 - "5 essentials to lose weight"

The book, written by nutritionist and chef Maria Cecilia Corsi, has a number of tricks to lose weight without leaving the health side. As the author is also master of good cuisine, the guidelines of "five essential points to lose weight" do not sacrifice the pleasure of sampling some delicacies. Great for those who want to lose weight without painful sacrifices.

3 - "I can not lose weight"

Believe it or not, this diet has been followed by more than 30 million people around the world. It turns out that the diet proposed by Dr. Pierre Dukan has been adopted by many important people, including Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge. Bringing four basic steps to lose weight without starving, Dr. Dukan uses its more than 35 years of experience with nutrition to achieve the perfect body of desire.

4 - "Healthy Diet Day to Day"

Ian Marber, a leading expert UK nutrition, brings in "Healthy Diet Day to Day" a combination of nutritional guidance and explanations about how the human metabolism is affected by food intake. Marber focus on nutritional education to help readers lose weight keeping the body healthy. The method is very flexible and can be applied to everyday situations, as the author makes it clear. The extra benefit of the work is up to a hundred simple and easy recipes to prepare, to get ready quickly - so that the reader can apply, in fact, Marber techniques to their own daily routine.

Remember, lose or gain weight with health depends, basically, specific care for each organism. Find out what points you are going wrong and what to do to lose weight in a healthy way is a job for a professional. Although books and other techniques can help in the process, it is very important advice from a nutritionist.