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Go to a motel can be a good way to spice things up and make the sexual life of routine double. Even for people who are already married or live together, the motel is a good choice to celebrate special occasions, to surprise your partner or simply spend quality time together in a place exclusively for couples.

To better understand how the motels operate and no embarrassment when visiting a, respond to 5 possible questions on these establishments.

What are the paying ways?

Some motels accept to receive in-kind card (credit and debit) or check. However, it pays to be informed at the entrance and check if the chosen form of payment is accepted, not to be problems in the output. If you decide to pay by card, check also if your flag is accepted. Not having to pay in the end is a very embarrassing situation that no one wants to go, so care is welcome.

How often the bed linen is changed?

Of course, in motels serious bed linen is changed every time it is used. Similarly, the rooms are clean and the bathrooms, disinfected. Normally when you get to the room, it should be noted that the towels, slippers, soaps and other products made available "for free" (with the price included in the price of the room) are properly sealed. If not, please contact the front desk and ask for them to be exchanged.

Products offered are charged separately?

Depending on the motel and even the chosen suite category, some products can be offered as a courtesy to customers. However, it should be noted not to shame: most products is indeed charged to part of the room. In general, condoms, food, massage gels and bath salts are charged separately as soaps, shampoos and conditioners are free. As it varies from one institution to another, check before breaking the seal.

How often the pools are clean and sanitized?

Unlike the baths, toilets and boxes, there is no way to disinfect the pool every time a suite is used. To circumvent this problem and ensure water sanitation against fungi and bacteria, motels usually add a greater amount of chlorine to treat their pools.

It is important to remember that any pool (not just the motel) can be a means of transmitting diseases, providing health risks.

You need to take a document?

Even when you are not planning to go to a motel, it is important to have in your wallet some identification with photo accepted throughout the country. It is possible that the document is not required at the entrance, but remember that minors are forbidden to attend this type of establishment and carry a document can avoid embarrassment, for example, be barred.

In addition to these factors, it is important to take to the motel a few personal items such as toothbrush and hairbrush. While most motels make available these items for free, it is always mentioned have their own purse. makeup products can also be a good choice for you to leave the motel as beautiful as it was when you arrived.