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When you imagine the dream wedding that comes to your mind? What is the favorite spot of newlyweds? Who this time will be divided? How will the decor? What kind of music will be played?

The wedding is a unique moment and leave it with the face of the bride and groom will make it even more special, fun and enjoyable. For this, a good place to hold the party and the ceremony is critical. According to Fernanda Floret, Fashion Design specializing in Events and Ceremonial, who writes since 2008 Bride Dressed Blog, a wedding with the face of the couple begins with a perfect place to get married to match them.

Currently, the options for performing a marriage are many: at home, on the beach, on the farm, in a restaurant, hotel, a historic place within parties! With so many options grooms need to think about some details of the wedding that will determine the best place for the meeting, such as: the number of guests, time and type of ceremony and cost-effective. The analysis of these items combined with the style of the couple is essential before closing the contract.

Check out some tips that will facilitate your choice:

Number of guests

An important detail when choosing the location of the wedding is to know the amount of people who will be invited and how many people you want it behaves. It will be a party just for family and a few friends? Then choose a location that behave well without excessive guests plenty of space not to give an idea of ​​"empty". Now if you want a big party and many guests, so opt for a larger place, with spacious parking lot where people can move without major limitations.

When the choice you should take into account not only the number of seated guests, but also the spaces used for bar, dance floor, stage, candy and coffee table, buffet points and lounge. If you choose to tables and chair for everyone, see if will be well distributed and with enough room for waiters circulate smoothly between them.

If there is ceremony on site care for the space should be redoubled. Remember that space is required for the entrance hall, altar, sponsors, photographers and musicians.

Wedding Style

Just as there are couples of styles there are also wedding styles: vintage, rustic, country, fairy tale, praieiro cocktail ballad. The styles are varied, but what really matters is the wedding have the face of the bride and groom. The wedding celebrates love and nothing better to do with how the couple always dreamed! "Open your head to think not just in the obvious places of marriage," says Fernanda.

The important thing to keep in mind that every wedding style combines with a specific place and time, see below.

wedding time

Day weddings call for a more open place, outdoor, more space for movement of guests and that values ​​natural sunlight. Day married can be an interesting alternative to discrete couples, quiet and Dispensing excitement and glamor. In addition, weddings day render beautiful pictures! Some suggestions of places to a wedding day are: farm, ranch, beach, a historic place.

As for marriages overnight locations most suitable for reception are: ballroom, hotel, restaurant, or a more closed place and a bit more formal. The night is very favorable to the party atmosphere and dancing.


The bride and groom have been concerned about so many things, is not it ?! In addition to clothing, decoration, buffet, music, cake, you do not want to worry about the Charter of the Fire Department or the Law of Silence, right? Therefore, it is important to find a place that facilitates their party and that complies with the law. According to Fernanda, there are some facilities that spaces for parties can meet and you must be aware of them before closing the contract.

Prefer places with:

  • Easy access with well marked and paved roads;
  • Space for loading and unloading;
  • own working staff (receptionists, security, valet, housekeeping). Make sure these services are already included in the amount charged;
  • own furniture - tables, chairs, dressers, sofas. Check the condition of these parts;
  • nice outdoor space, well maintained and organized to welcome guests and hold photos;
  • Kitchen in good condition of the structure and hygiene;
  • Bathrooms and comfort station kept;
  • Security: parking, location, guest list by control, cameras;
  • Support room for suppliers and professionals who will be involved in making the marriage;
  • Air conditioning, air conditioners, ventilation.

. Sites should also fulfill some details set out in Law Watch out:

  • Business license;
  • Report from the Fire Department;
  • emergency items (exits, extinguishers and electric generators);
  • Compliance with Law 11,986, of 01/16/96 and Urban Silence Law - PSIU;
  • Disabled access;
  • correct destination of the waste produced.


Time for mounting and dismounting: the ideal is that the room is released for mounting at least 6 hours before the event. The party should last 6-8 hours and disassembly take place shortly after the event. Check also on site there will be someone to welcome the vendors during the day.


Seek references from those who have hired the place and make a visit when space is decorated so you can get a better idea of ​​how it will be for your party. After the decision is made it is important that what has been negotiated is in agreement. Stay attentive to the "hidden costs" that are embedded. Also, you should be informed about the cancellation policy.