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Phrases like "I have no time for anything", "I can not go to the movies because I have to clean the house," "my life is in chaos" are common among women. The day has 24 hours, which often is not enough to account for all the chores that women accumulate.

To get to the house, work, children, and still have time to practice hobbies and fun, just the woman to organize, review your priorities and spend doing what really matters. The use of a method of organization can best help women manage their time and organize their lives.

Currently one of the most talked about methods is the GTD or Getting Things Done. This method, which in Brazil was named "The art of making things happen," was created by David Allen US and released the eponymous book.

The GTD is intended to create a system that can manage all areas of a person's life, not just your job or your household chores and therefore is considered a complete and very comprehensive method.

For the instructor expert in productivity in the GTD methodology, Renata Montone, the Call Daniel, company accredited by the method for managing training in Brazil, the GTD is a method that allows you to have all tasks, projects, dreams and organized and under control ideas. "This facilitates the prioritization of simple and uncomplicated without anxiety and stress."

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The benefits of GTD for women

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The benefits that the methodology can bring to women are numerous. "Women, in general, by their very nature, tend to take many activities in various areas of the life of responsibility and, consequently, wear, the level of anxiety and stress are high," explains Renata.

To start applying the GTD, women find that the level of anxiety and stress decreases a lot. "With GTD, women also keep all demands under control, and streamline these tasks," reinforces the instructor. In addition, the woman able to do more in less time and without stress and anxiety.

Anyone who wants to have a more organized and productive life can use GTD. "If a person has tasks, goals and dreams to achieve, it will benefit from the methodology," says Renata.

Applying GTD: five key stages of the methodology

The first step for those who want to start applying the methodology is to read the book "The art of making things happen" by David Allen or take one of trainings Call Daniel. "It is essential to know the five steps of the methodology to understand the whole process before you begin," the instructor teaches.

The five steps in which the teacher refers are summarized below:

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  1. Collect: the collection is made for you to eliminate everything that is in your head and stay with the clear and tranquil mind. This step consists of you move on to the role all you have to do, either today or any day of your life. It's a way to stop you from forgetting their duties or worrying about getting them constantly, since everything will be noted;
  2. Process: this second stage of GTD, you will process all that was noted in the previous step, that is, you will assess whether you wrote down is an action if this action is a priority, whether it should be delayed, if you have more than one realizable step or many other possibilities;
  3. Organize: after processing, it is the time for you to create and organize a system that works for you. David Allen suggests in his book, a very practical and easy system to be applied. One way is you organize your tasks by context, so you can work on certain tasks when you're on the computer, on the phone, in the office, etc;
  4. Review: GTD methodology in one of the most interesting items is the review, you access your system and see if everything is in progress and being done the way you want. This is the time to reassess priorities and not let only urgent things done;
  5. Run: is the last stage is the time to do what you got organized to do, no stress and no anxiety, just running to plan. It's time you put your lists into action and accomplish all that has to be done, always knowing that you are doing the right thing for that moment.

For Renata, execution is the stage where you spend more time. "If the method is implemented well, the most time should be spent on execution. All the previous steps aims to provide agility in execution, "ponders the instructor. As the most important step, Renata believes that both the review and the processing stand out in relation to the other steps, since it is decision-making time and guarantee the success of the other stages.

The tools that help GTD

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The GTD methodology is quite simple, so basic tools such as notebooks, folders and calendar are more than sufficient to apply the method. "For those who like technology there are hundreds of applications made to the GTD that much make life easier, as they allow synchronization with the mobile phone or tablet," explains Renata.

Here are some of these applications you can use to apply the GTD:

  • Evernote: This application is considered the ideal place for you to manage your work, since, with the same system, you can create to-do lists, store important links, attach documents and even create presentations for meetings. It is a free application and can be used in various places such as the computer, tablet and mobile phone;
  • Toodledo: the application was created to manage the GTD, containing all the forms specified by David Allen to make a perfect and easy to perform system. It is an application can be used in various devices, however, the mobile app is paid. Another problem of Toodledo is that it is in English and therefore a certain command of the language to use it is necessary;
  • Todoist: It is a task management application that enables you to apply the GTD. colorful and practical Well, Todoist is free and can be downloaded on any device. It offers the possibility to add dates, reminders and priorities so you can manage your tasks in the simplest possible way;
  • Outlook: another great tool to apply the GTD is the very Outlook that offers you possibilities to manage tasks, organize calendars, store documents and also has integration with your email to get everything in one system, facilitating the lives of those who do not like many applications.

In addition to these applications, any other task manager allows you to apply the GTD. According to the instructor, the ideal is to choose the tool that suits or which has more useful features for the person. "I recommend choosing the most affordable tool at first and only after the five steps are already facing a habit migrate to another tool. Do GTD comes first. "

GTD: making it happen

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Although seem quite complex, the GTD is a method that works and can be used by anyone, especially for women who need a little more organization in their lives. To implement it fully, you must take the time to first collect all that is still in your head and then process and organize a system that works for you. "In this time, there is an adjustment period where it is necessary to create the habit of using the five steps and this period is around one to two months," says the instructor.

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To keep the system running, the weekly review is extremely important, but not reached a quiet mind only with this step, since all steps are important. "But it's the weekly review that will make all the difference and keep the system going week after week. Meet the five steps is critical, even if the person can not maintain a desired discipline in some most critical periods, but one should not fail to comply with the five steps. The success of each step begins at well done the previous step, "reiterates Renata.

For those who want to know more about it, the teacher shared some places you can get. The very site of Call Daniel maintains a blog that is always updated with tips for GTD. But the GTD site in English brings a lot of information about the method, however, it is necessary to know the language.

There is a mailing list at Yahoo for those who want to participate and learn more about GTD. The Organized Life blog brings a special session on the methodology since its author is an expert on the subject and shares several tips with your readers. But nothing compares to having access to the original ideas of David Allen reading his book "The art of making things happen."

After all this information, it's time to start making it happen and put the GTD in action. Soon, you will find that your life will be more organized, planned and productive, getting time to do what makes you happy and what is really important for that particular time of your life.