8 beauty products that you can do it at home - Women Tips

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It is usually when they are cleaning the house, or preparing the suitcase for a trip that women realize the tremendous amount of beauty products that have! Shampoo, conditioner, facial moisturizer, body lotion, perfume, and more.

And it is in order to save, is the proposal to reduce the amount of beauty items available at home, many women seek homemade product ideas that can replace the original - purchased in cosmetic stores, pharmacies, supermarkets etc.

Below you can see the recipes of some of the most popular homemade beauty products. They can be done at home, quickly and conveniently:

1. Product pre-depilatory

Women who have the habit of shaving at home know: there are plenty of products intended exclusively for them! Exfoliating the groin, pre-depilatory lotion, post-depilatory and other soothing lotion.

But these products can be smoothly replaced with things you already have at home. Instead of buying a pre-depilatory cream, for example, just apply a common talc before applying the wax to protect the skin.

2. Remove the wax

After removal, the removal of wax pieces that usually remain in the body can be made with the help of almond oil or even oil.

3. Post-depilation Product

After shaving, the skin of most women usually get irritated and red. But no need to buy necessarily a post-shave cream. To calm her down, after the procedure, you can use cold compresses with chamomile tea.

4. Body Scrub

In a bowl, mix 1/4 cup of oil (the type is up to you), 1/8 cup brown sugar, 1/8 cup salt and supplement with an essential oil that you like enough (eg , vanilla) - this to the mixture has a pleasant smell.

But beware, if you have dry skin, avoid this type of exfoliation. Or, less skin, excluding the salt mixture and double the amount of sugar. But the best option is always to talk to your dermatologist about the best products for your case.

5. Wash your face with honey

Combine a teaspoon of pure honey with one tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate. Strain the mixture on damp skin. Honey is a good choice to soothe the skin, while sodium bicarbonate acts as a gentle exfoliant that does not hurt the face.

6. Perfume

You want to make your own perfume? Combine essential oils you like - for example, vanilla, lavender etc. - with a little alcohol and keep the mixture in an airtight container.

7. Shaving Oil

The tip is for men! Instead of buying a shaving cream, they can choose an oil of your choice - coconut, jojoba, argan etc. - and spend in the area to be shaved. But beware, men who have oily skin should avoid this type of product.

8. Moisturizing Mask

Combine yogurt pot with half a cup of not instant oatmeal, mix and apply on face, being careful with the eye region. Allow the mixture to act for about 15 minutes and rinse.

professional opinion

But do these "home products" are really effective? Or the best option is always to opt for original products?

Despite homemade products are practical and effective in the opinion of some people, the Brazilian Society of Dermatology said through press relations, that is against this type of product. This is because there is no scientific proof that these homemade solutions are really effective and do not know whether they are good or not for the skin.

Therefore, in case of doubt, the best solution is always to talk to your (water) dermatologist about mixtures and product replacements. That way, you avoid possible skin problems and have security when making your choices.