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A successful executive suffers a nervous breakdown. To rest, her husband changes with the whole family to a country town. There she begins to notice a strange coincidence: all local wives obey with great dedication to their husbands, looking happy with the situation. All are equal and have the same tastes and habits.

Who watched the movie knows the anguish that the character of Nicole Kidman spent. The film is not new, this dilemma either. A woman with modern ambitions squeezed between market pressure and the pressure of their family role.

Sometimes I get the feeling that people only feel held embedded in extremes: either a beautiful housewife or a great market woman. Ever stop to think that the beauty of gray color is the combination of black and white elements? For our beauty may just be the combination of our roles. And if the black corporate world can cause great stress, white home life can cause us frustration.

One of the most striking scenes of the film was when executive independent offers her husband to become one of the perfect women living in the city. For it would be necessary to go through a laboratory and turn into something she was not, and for the sake of her husband, she would be willing to do it. Only this scene is worth the film. For love, the woman chooses to be what her husband envisioned it would be. And the two go down to the lab to begin the transformation.

strange are the stereotypes, they exist but do not please anyone. Stereotype is external thing, it causes anxiety, sense of displacement and lack of belonging. Unlike calling from within the soul and brings us fulfillment and fullness. I believe that the perfect woman is one who cares more about his vocation and less fit the stereotypes.

Returning to the film, the husband very much liked what he saw in the new city, domesticated women, uniformed, always in the service of their husbands. In the early days the idea of ​​having a wife so it seemed to strengthen their self-esteem and create an ideal life. There was only one problem: To win such a wife, he would have to lose its true woman, the one that attracted him to the life together and somehow made him happy so far.

Faced with the dilemma between the stereotype of the perfect housewife and successful executive he gives up the two and choose to simply have your wife with all the qualities and defects. I believe this was actually a happy ending.