Dermopigmentation: fill in your eyebrows with more durability

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The dermopigmentation is a procedure that is being increasingly sought by people who wish to correct failures or complement eyebrows.

The technique, which reaches the dermis, is somewhat deeper than the micropigmentation, which is only into the epidermis - the most superficial layer of the skin.

In addition, dermopigmentation can be made also in some specific areas according to the needs of each one, as lips, eye liner, stretch marks, among others.

The beautician Raphaella Bahia, the FR Microcenter, in Rio de Janeiro, explains how dermopigmentation eyebrows is made: "With a specific device, the professional draws the skin wires to fill the gaps or even to create complete eyebrows for those without "he says.

How long does the dermopigmentation?

Dermopigmentation: fill in your eyebrows with more durability

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The procedure time varies according to each case. Usually occurs within 1 hour and 30 minutes, but may take a little more or a little less. The result is immediate and happens a whitening 30-70% after the first day.

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After the first session, the person must return within a period of 30 days for completion. "We call for revision, is when we completed the procedure by checking the adjustment and fixation of skin pigment, among other details," he explains.

Durability is often large and usually the need for a new procedure only happens after a year. "Why not be a definitive but permanent procedure, it is necessary to return to perform again," he says.

Dermopigmentation x micropigmentation: what's the difference?

Dermopigmentation: fill in your eyebrows with more durability

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Before you fill the eyebrows it is also important to know the differences between the most common techniques.

In micropigmentation, professional explains that it used a device called dermógrafo to draw each at the ideal format, exchanging needles to ensure perfect color and thickness.

In the dermopigmentation, although very similar, this drawing is done in a more profound way. "People refer to micro and dermo as if it were the same thing. But the difference is in the details. The deeper in the skin, hence greater durability. But not necessarily the result will be better. Because it's natural that the color fade, "says the beautician.

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Another technique for eyebrows is the microblanding, in which it uses a device called Tebori, which is manual and very much like a pen. Therefore, according to Raphaella, it ends up being more aggressive to the skin as it reaches a deeper layer than the micropigmentation.

Important tips when carrying out the dermopigmentation

Dermopigmentation: fill in your eyebrows with more durability

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The beautician Raphaella Bahia explains that prior to dermopigmentation, it is necessary to pay attention to some points to avoid any problems:

Look for a skilled professional: "It's always good to have references professional before, not only in social networks but to see someone who has already done", explains the expert.

and choose the color: "The choice of color and technique needs to be decided by the professional, after a profile analysis and customer desire for understanding," says Raphaella.

Know the location: According to the beautician it is important to consider where you intend to perform the procedure, close and pay attention mainly to hygiene issues.

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Take proper care: After making the procedure is necessary to use an ointment to help heal and fix; this ointment is provided by professionals who perform dermopigmentation.

Avoid the sun: It is also necessary to stay five days without sun, beach and exercise, and does not apply sunscreen on top and avoid products containing acid.

With all this care before and after the procedure, the chances of having a perfect score are higher.


There are some cases where the dermopigmentation is contraindicated, like Mom and women who are still breastfeeding.

The expert also explains that, in specific situations, you may need to have a medical clearance before performing the procedure. "Although it is a safe and very superficial procedure, we always try to maintain customer security," says Raphaella.

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And people with a history of allergies, are tests to avoid having any allergic reaction.

Consult a professional to identify the best technique for you and win the brow of your dreams!