How to avoid deodorant stains on clothing - Women Tips

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The clothes, especially white, tend to get stained with time and use. usually these stains They are attributed to the deodorant but in fact there are a lot of habits that must be observed to prevent them.

The cause

The difficulty of deodorant manufacturers to minimize the effects of their products on the tissues is the fact that the components responsible for decreased sweating are precisely the same ones that cause the yellow stains on clothing white and whitish in the other parts. These components are aluminum or aluminum-zirconium salts, and iron ions. Withdrawing the formula deodorants, they would cease to be effective.

These salts penetrating the end of the fiber fabric, since they are extremely thin. Its accumulation in these fibers is what causes the spots.

Another causative agent of underarm stains It is the very human sweat. Although transparent, the substance is quite conducive to the growth of bacteria and microbes. These microorganisms accumulate at the site, also reacting with body fat and eventually causing the yellow spots.

Some fabrics are more prone to the appearance of stained areas. In general the compounds are tissues of natural fibers such as silk, cotton and spandex, for example.

In addition to the factors already mentioned, there are several others that can contribute to the problem. Emotional factors such as stress, for example, can lead to the formation of spots due to a change in sweat characteristics. Hormones may also be responsible, when they have their levels altered for some reason.

The solution

The main way to prevent the formation of yellow stains on clothing is washed straight after use. This technique prevents the sweat mixed with deodorant, fix the tissue, facilitating its removal.

If the problem is in white clothes before making washing apply lemon juice on the affected parts. It is essential that the part is dry. Let sit for a few minutes, washing them usually then. To leave more white clothes, mix water, washing powder and a capful of alcohol and soak for about three hours. Then wash normally.

If the stains are in colorful clothes, lemon juice can also be a good idea - and its action can be enhanced by mixing it a little baking soda. Wash the part normally below.

Please note: only pass the pieces the iron when you are sure that the stains were removed. This is because the hot iron helps to fix the stains on the fabric fiber.