Photo: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction

Petit-pois, polka dots or poá are the names given to the famous pattern of dots which was widely used in the 50s, never went out of fashion and it's a trend for summer 2011. Each season the stamp balls reappears most striking in collections.

By making the retro style, petit-because it is synonymous with elegance for those who like to be fashionable. No matter if the marbles are larger or smaller, white, black or colored in any shape and color the petit-pois pattern brings a lot of delicacy and femininity to the look, you can create productions from romantic to a sexier look in the best style pin- up.

Proof that the petit-it is a strong tendency, is that it has appeared from stamping lingerie, skirts, dresses, blouses, stockings, bikinis, shoes, scarves, headbands, bracelets, necklaces and even the nails of chicks. Every woman can bet on print petit-pois, just know how to use.

Using print petit-pois?

There are several options of how to use petit-pois pattern. There are prints of different colors balls, but if in doubt, the best option is always to bet on the basic combination of black and white. Women slightly overweight should opt for smaller balls to disguise excesses. Already thin women are abusing larger balls, they give more volume to the body.

If you want to break the seriousness of a basic look, bet on details with polka dot prints. It can be a bag printed with poá, a scarf tied at the neck or hair, a shoe. If you prefer a look petit-pois total, shoes and accessories should be basic to give a balanced. A polka dot dress, for example, goes very well with accessories in pink or red, have a skirt of balls goes well with a white blouse.

The options are many, it's just knowing seize the trend of the pattern of balls and have fun with it.

Photo: ReproductionPhoto: Reproduction

Photo: Reproduction