Photo: Playback / A Night Owl Blog

Photo: Playback / A Night Owl Blog

Who does not remember the coconut cake wrapped in foil of children's parties ?! He was very successful in the 90s but was missing for some time now and returned with full force.

Different pastry shops in Brazil today sell ice cream cake in various flavors. And you can also prepare it at home! There are individual versions and going to the table to be shared; beyond the classic coconut flavor there are options that lead pineapple, chocolate, among others.

Ice cream cake is a sweet easy to prepare, great for cooling off in the heat that has done in Brazil and still has a durability as it is kept in the refrigerator.

Check out the following list a diverse selection for you to inspire and prepare the ice cream cake at home.

Recipes with fruits

Photo: Playback / Gastronomic Pass

Photo: Playback / Gastronomic Pass

1. pineapple ice cream cake with coconut: this recipe Cake Batter is replaced by wafer champagne. The presentation is very interesting because it is mounted in a glass bowl shows interspersed chopped pineapple layers, wafer champagne and vanilla cream.

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2. Pineapple Ice Cream Cake: This cake with childhood taste has the perfect blend of creamy condensed milk and pineapple azedinho.

3. stuffed passion fruit cake: This cake is interesting because it can be done simply, only the cake with passion fruit syrup, or more elaborately with a special cover.

4. Strawberry Ice Cream Cake: according to the author, despite being a recipe with many steps, it's simple to do. In addition, his presentation is also good with a beautiful result.

5. banana ice cream cake with coconut: molhadinha soft recipe for banana cake, washed down with sweet milk sauce.

6. Lemon Cream Cake: This cake is a great option for those looking for a recipe without lactose and gluten free.

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7. Orange Cream Cake: orange ice cream cake is very convenient to do and then takes a can of condensed milk syrup with orange and coconut to stay moist.

8. cream with fruit cake: This cake is perfect for entertaining family or friends, it has a good yield and flavors that appeal to everyone.

Revenue creamy ice-cream cake

Photo: Playback / Panelinha

Photo: Playback / Panelinha

9. Maria Mole Cake: a different version of the traditional cake we know, because the cake is covered with a mixture of soft maria, condensed milk and cream.

10. cold creamy coconut cake: This is the classic iced cake stored in aluminum foil. Receive a layer of condensed milk and coconut milk mixture and is covered with grated coconut.

11. Cake three milk: this cake is quite simple to prepare and is a well-molhadinha and creamy texture. The more cream, the better!

12. peanut ice cream cake: a version that takes peanuts and a caldinha made with coffee. Interesting to have the crunchy peanut above, besides being very beautiful.

13. walnut ice cream cake: for those who like nuts this cake is great because it takes nuts in the dough, the filling and decoration.

14. tapioca ice cream cake: this is the ideal cake for when you do not want to stay long in the kitchen as it does not go in the oven. It is a kind of pudding made of tapioca and does not take gluten.

15. Revenue ice cream cake: lactose-free cake recipe with syrup prepared with coconut milk and almond milk.

Recipes with chocolate

Photo: Playback / pinch

Photo: Playback / pinch

16. prestigious cake: chocolate cake stuffed with coconut cream. It is prepared without gluten or lactose.

17. Chocolate Ice Cream Cake: This cake is super moist, as is abundantly watered with chocolate syrup, condensed milk and cognac.

18. Chocolate ice cream cake and pistachio: this chocolate cake is drizzled with condensed milk caldinha and decorated with pistachios. The contrast of pistachios with chocolate leaves a beautiful presentation.

iced cake with ice cream

Photo: Playback / Loving Cooking

Photo: Playback / Loving Cooking

19. Banana Split Cake: This cake brings a biscuit base and takes between layers of banana, strawberry ice cream, chocolate and vanilla. It is super tasty!

20. cake filled with ice cream: Cake it takes about an hour to prepare and three more in the fridge, but the guarantee is total success on hot days.

21 ice cream cake with Brigadier: cake with brownie base filled with ice cream, Nutella brigadier and a very generous fudge ganache.

You can use these recipes as inspiration for their own versions. How about include almonds that give a contrast in texture ?! Or incorporate a sorrel jelly to break the sweet ?! Besides being fun preparing a sweet yours, you can take the ingredients you already have at home.