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thick, hard wires to tame, dry and with a lot of volume, these are some characteristics of curly hair. Who owns full of curls tresses know to make them beautiful, hydrated and with a natural look, you can not neglect maintenance.

Therefore, we separated some tips on how to care for curly hair properly. You will learn to wash the wires with specific products, invest in hydration and maintain optimal cut makes the difference and breaking, learn how you can use the dryer without cutting up the curls and without leaving the hair with frizz.

The ideal haircut

A good cut is essential to keep the beautiful curly hair. You can bet on a cut to more modern curly hair and follow the fashion trends, whether the wires are long or shorter.

But for this, choose a model that respects the shape of your face and especially the hair trim.

In fine and voluminous curly hair, the solution is to adopt cutting peaked on the sides to distribute the volume for the whole head. As for curly hair thick hair, the best cut is the integer peaked with uneven yarn, which gives more movement and lightness.

Using the right product makes a difference

Shampoos, conditioners and special moisturizers for curly hair have ingredients that help keep tamed wires, soft and with movement. These include Shea butter and avocado oil. If the problem is the volume of the wires, do not dismiss the use of a leave-in cream. Apply the product in the still damp tresses to give forms to perfect curls.

The night hydration without rinsing is especially recommended for anyone who has dry or chemically treated hair. The product is formulated to treat the wires while you sleep, so no need to worry about waking up to the hair with greasy appearance, much less with stained whole pillow.

The hydration of the wires is essential

Invest in a moisturizing done well to keep always healthy and shiny tresses. The ideal is to hydration in curly hair every 15 days or once a week if the wires are badly damaged. Prefer moisturizing masks that have lanolin, shea butter, keratin or panthenol in the formula.

You can make a homemade hydration for curly hair with specific creams bought in the cosmetics store or prepare your own homemade mask.

How to end the frizz in curly hair

To combat frizz problem in curly hair, avoid combing the wires when they are dry. It is preferable to disentangle the bundles always with a wooden comb, then apply a restorative silicone tips towards the root hair length and kneading with hands wires.

How to dry your hair without cutting up the curls

The dryer can be a great ally and to straighten curly wires, but the secret to let the hair with a natural look and not break up the curls, is to use the diffuser. The piece fitted to the dryer air exit distributes air from a homogeneous and dry hair by heat. As the heat spreads, the original form of clusters is maintained.

After washing and untangle the hair, apply a leave-in cream, crush the locks by hand. Then, connect the dryer at lower temperature, place the largest possible volume within the hair and leave the hair diffuser stand until completely dry.