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The consuming public have increasingly immediate needs and implicit desires, as long for added values, for today, the service, the point of sale, packaging and values ​​related to your lifestyle are equally or more important than the product itself to be acquired. There is a need for a brand to position correctly and understand, anticipate, and win the customer in order to fight its competitors.

Meet three of formats of retail stores for high amid major brands - pop-up store, outlet and flagship store - such as the difference between the strategies adopted by each, so as to meet different niches and potential consumers.

Pop-up stores

Defined as temporary stores that attract consumers precisely the short term that are open, the pop-up stores, They stand out and make success through artistic and related interventions. So it is the operation of a pop-up store: Unlike traditional projects planned for prolonged periods, a few days or months are sufficient for pop-up store take shape.

However, unlike a traveling store, it does not require continuity; what defines his concept is the possibility of exploring a place of momentary way, as your audience and their own business potential, with the great advantage to capture and interpret opportunities, thereby causing the consumer, in fact, believe in an idea remote and fleeting to be enjoyed at a given time.

Outlet stores

Outlet, however, is the name given to a new sales market in retail and industry where producers sell their products directly to the public. The stores, located at the exit of large cities or in shopping malls, have the benefit of reducing maintenance costs, advertising and profits of retailers, allowing the sale of big brands and designer labels luxury at affordable prices.

In the eastern United States, in the 1930s, the concept of factory stores appeared to have been offering its employees surplus or damaged products at reduced prices, and remained so until the mid-1970s traditionally termed as factory outlet in currently entitled outlet stores manufacturers sell their products directly to the final consumer.

Flagship stores

Flagship stores and concept stores are reflected as shops where they gather the products that best define the concept that guides a brand - its essence - presented in an innovative way. Soon they became references among the major cities of the world associated with fashion, culture, shopping and entertainment, and, due to the high investment involved, reflect the magnitude and position of a particular brand.

Established over the years 1990, flagship stores They tend to establish and communicate the strength of such an enterprise, and carries with it an innovative impact geared to a particular theme or lifestyle. In Brazil, Havaianas concept store, for example, offers the customer the ability to customize your pair of sandals on a "market stall", which refers to the origin of the popular brand.

If you are interested in open your own store, plan to choose the type that best serves your purpose, need and meet your satisfaction of the client as well.