How to save at the pharmacy - Women Tips

Increasingly, people are looking for alternatives to reduce spending at the end of the month; however, when it comes to health, you can not play.

Many people use prescription drugs continuously, ie those which are indicated for the treatment of chronic and / or degenerative disease and there are also events, such as colds and flu for example, and the use of drugs can make needed.

Thus, an alternative to save on the costs at the pharmacy, is the demand for generic drugs, which, with few exceptions, are cheaper drugs when compared to their reference products. Thus, your pharmacist can guide you in the proper exchange of these drugs.

Some pharmacies have a card called "loyalty card" where they offer this card to the patient as an alternative to keep you as a customer, and the presentation of the same in the next purchases, receives different discounts and is also a way to save, especially for people who use drugs continuously.

Regarding the use of chronic medications, some laboratories offer a discount for the patient. For this, the patient himself should check with your doctor and the laboratory that produces your medicine if it is part of the rebate program.

Some examples are: the Program "Vale More Health" Novartis, the Program "Do Well" AstraZeneca, the program "Extra Health" Bristol-Myers Squibb laboratory, which is intended for diabetic patients, among others.

Also, find the price in several pharmacies is also a good option to save, watching promotions and discounts, which can generate a higher savings to 30%.

There is also a government program called "People's Pharmacy Program", which in addition to service users of public health services, also meets people who use private health services and have difficulties to acquire the medicines they need.

To find out if your medicine is sold in the People's Pharmacy, visit the Health Portal site, and see the list of drugs covered by the program.

Inquire, seek assistance with your doctor and your pharmacist, so that you will continue watching over your health, and maintaining its balanced budget by month's end.