Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

When the warmer season arrives, even on days of high temperatures, it is hard to resist a dessert. But forget the heavy cream, pasta and other ingredients that make the dish more "loaded". At this time they lose place for light meals and practices, in which often the fruits become highlighted. Puddings, mousses, cakes and ice cream: options to help ward off the heat!

Nothing better than the ease in preparing these meals for the fun atmosphere that this season offers can be taken advantage of to the fullest.

For this, below is a list of 30 recipes for desserts refreshing and easy to prepare for the summer, try:

1. dulce de leche ice cream with two ingredients: want more practicality than just two ingredients used in a recipe? In addition to easy, it is still very tasty!

2. cold Fondue Nutella: for the hot days in which "hits" that desire to eat chocolate. Simple but very creative.

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3. Popsicle Nutella: once again Nutella is the prominent ingredient. A quick and refreshing recipe.

4. dulce de leche mousse with coconut: simple recipe with a mixture of these two ingredients resulting in a dessert not too sweet. To please every palate!

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

5. yogurt and kiwi parfait: versatile dish can be served at breakfast, breakfast, brunch or just after lunch. Its main ingredient "darling" Greek yogurt.

6. Frozen mango yogurt with strawberry: unusual mixture of two fruits: strawberries and mango, resulting in a refreshing drink.

7. Popsicle stuffed with condensed milk (Mexican palette): was formerly the fruit popsicles were bland, today this is no longer true! With the influence of the Mexican culture, the palettes (stuffed popsicles) are the most successful.

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8. pudding gelatin cinch: this recipe gives a special charm to the fruit jelly. If placed in separate pots, gets gourmet air.

9. white chocolate cream: simple recipe but elaborate and can be served in cups or refractory, leading to even more sophisticated revenue.

Photo: Playback / In my pot

Photo: Playback / In my pot

10. Strawberry cup: the true minute recipe, your preparation time is as fast causing fits very well in this description.

11. Bowl of strawberries with whipped cream Greek yogurt: once again the Greek yogurt is highlighted, this time in the form of whipped cream. In addition to tasty, it is a recipe that just enchants look!

12. Frozen papaya yogurt: once again the papaya into action. Fruit source of fiber aids digestion and inhibition of constipation. Here also has an indispensable role this season: helps refresh!

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13. Tiramissu: recipe originated in Italy but very beloved here in Brazil. Easy to prepare, suitable for occasions when the dessert is highlighted at the banquet.

14. Cream light papaya: using simple ingredients like papaya, natural yoghurt and fruit jelly, this recipe won admirers for its taste, but also to be healthy and light.

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

Photo: Play / Kitchen Lane

15. Naked lemon cake: as well as beautiful visually, the naked cake was highlighted last year. In this version, it is accompanied by lemon cream filling that leaves the cake the "face of the summer."

16. ice cream pie with banana: the ice cream is a classic to combat the heat. Here is mass times for this pie with easy preparation and unique flavor.

17. prestigious pie with Ovaltine: the mixture of coconut cream with Ovaltine coverage, although seem cloying, surprises in the reinvention of classical prestige pie.

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18. Coconut Flan with chocolate: this recipe, coconut again which balance the sweet chocolate, resulting in a simple and tasty dessert.

19. creamy mousse coconut: quick and light recipe, with creaminess and flavor characteristic of this versatile ingredient: the coconut.

Photo: Playback / In my pot

Photo: Playback / In my pot

20. apple pie: recipe with few ingredients, but "eye popping". Its prominent ingredient apple, easy to access and extremely appetizing fruit!

21. Strawberry Pave: simple version of this French dish, with the possibility of replacement of the main fruit. Just use what you have at home. Try it!

22. Homemade strawberry yogurt: this recipe as well as being practical and fast, please everyone's palate: from children to adults.

23. Chicabom home: homemade ice cream version of this beloved by all, has a good yield and yet a surprising creaminess.

24. summer Pave: another version of the traditional pavé, this time without the use of fruits, but still containing its refreshing characteristics.

25. Ice cream and strawberry creamcheese: for this recipe, the creamcheese role is to provide the creaminess to ice cream. A great combination, as "breaking" the overly sweet taste of the recipe.

Photo: Playback / Small Kitchen

Photo: Playback / Small Kitchen

26. passion fruit pie sugar and lactose: great choice for those allergic to lactose or those who are on a restricted diet of this food group.

27. Tiramisù: Another version for the preparation of this Italian dessert, great to please the whole family.

28. toasted coconut ice cream: Another option using coconut. In addition to refreshing still uses vanilla, which has relaxing power, sedative and calming.

29. yogurt pie with fruit and passion fruit syrup: recipe for a stunning visual, has a variety of textures that surprises the palate. To please even the most demanding.

30. flan in 4 minutes: practicality is the differential of this recipe. Without forgetting, of course, its delicious taste.