12 tips and suggestions to care for oily hair - Women Tips

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The oiliness of hair is a problem that affects most of the population around the world, but no one suffers so much about it as women. The scalp with greasy aspect is able to commit any overproduction, leaving the woman with unkempt appearance.

Who suffers from oiliness, faces the problem in any season, but the typical heat of the Brazilian summer intensifies the production of oil in the scalp causing hair washed in the morning to come to the end of the day without volume and appearing not see water there days.

If you also suffer from this evil, know that some simple steps can be taken to mitigate and prevent more serious problems such as seborrheic dermatitis, an inflammation caused by large oil and contributing to the fall of the wires and increased dandruff.

Check out tips twelve selected to help you achieve a healthy hair, light, beautiful and without oil.

1 - Wash hair with warm or cold water

Wash the hair with water at the correct temperature is critical to the health of the wires. The very hot water attacks the scalp stimulates the sebaceous glands to work harder to protect it that aggression and when they work more, oil production increases.

Contrary to what many believe, oily hair should not necessarily be washed daily, wash them every other day is enough.

2 - Choose the right shampoos

Shampoos for oily hair should not be used constantly, they cause the same effect of hot water, drying out the skin and stimulating the sebaceous glands to produce more oil to moisturize the hair fiber. Switch to washing with shampoo for oily hair in a wash and shampoo with neutral PH balanced on another. The antirresíduos and astringent shampoos should be used preferably when the wires are very dirty at most twice a week.

3 - Pay attention to the use of conditioner

the use of conditioners on the scalp is not recommended. The product should be applied directly on the hands and last length to the wire ends, always rinse well to leave no residue. Dispense the use of products of the type 2 in 1 (shampoo + conditioner), and especially creams without rinsing.

4 - Keep an eye on the power

The power directly influences the hair oil. Consumption in execesso carbohydrates, dairy products and fatty foods can aggravate the problem. So, choose a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables in their menu and eliminating fatty foods and fried foods.

5 - dryer, flat iron and curling iron

There is no study showing that the use of these devices increase the oiliness of the wires. Ideally, the hair dry naturally and loose, but if you do not give up the dryer, keep it at a distance of at least 15 cm so that the heat does not stimulate the sebaceous glands. Before the process, apply heat-activated products that protect the intense heat of the wires.

6 - Take your hands off of hair

Pass hands through his hair throwing them from one side to the other can be a charm and even a craze, but if you have oily hair, avoid doing this. The residues present in the hands contribute to the increase in oil and dirty wires faster. If you can not keep your hands away from the hair, the solution is to trap them from time to time.

7 - Do not abuse the accessories

Wear caps and scarves often also increases the oiliness of the wires. This is because the scalp ends up being stuffy, thus increasing the natural production of oil. If you already have oily hair, avoid the frequent use of hats, scarves and any other accessories that can drown out the leather.

8 - Products You Should Avoid

Those with oily hair should avoid products without rinsing as waxes, pomades, styling creams, silicones and excess oils. To model the hair, prefer the use of gel and mousse. You can also use leave-in applying it to the middle of the hair only to the tips to protect wires against excessive pollution and ultraviolet rays.

9 - Treat wires

oily hair, as well as other types, also need hydration, mainly to avoid the weakening of the wires. The novelty for oily yarn is argiloterapia a treatment based on sulforosa clay, rich in minerals such as calcium, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium, silica and sodium, which exfoliates it and treats the hair fiber recovering the health of the scalp and wires.

10 - Control dandruff

Dandruff appears on all hair types and are problems features the scalp in general, but the oiliness excess associated with the action of a fungus called Malassezia, which is present in the skin of all of us, makes it more prone leather training dandruff. Use anti-dandruff shampoos and avoid sleeping with wet hair can help control.

11 - Be careful with the use of powders

If last minute have to disguise dandruff, you can resort to talc, which disguises the oily appearance, but the risk of scalp present rejections and cause itching is great. Take the same care with products such as mattifying powders and dry shampoo spray. Both should be used sporadically and sparingly.

12 - Relax

People who are stressed tend to produce higher oil rates leather hair, so stay calm and relaxed in the day to day tasks is not only good for the heart, but also to the hair.

You now have valuable information to take care of the hair and combat oiliness, but if your case is extreme, the type that causes discomfort and major constraints, see a dermatologist. He will examine your case, find the source of the problem and indicate specific lotions for your treatment.