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The removal is part of the beauty routine of most women. At least once a month you need to go to the salon, or receive professional home to remove those unwanted hair growing in the groin, legs, armpits and, in some cases, the fluff.

And as the hair removal can be considered a "necessary evil", many do not even complain of pain over the method - made with wax - cause. But it is also true that many of the women "suffer" at the thought of throwing in the litter removal and wait for professional to remove the hair!

That's because how each woman faces waxing is different: for some, the pain is bearable; for others, it is quite unpleasant. In addition, the amount of the also varies from person to person - which automatically influences the issue of pain - and there is still the problem of ingrown hairs, which affects a large part of women and makes the hair removal process much more boring.

The good news, however, is that for those women who face waxing as a problem since there is an alternative: the so-called permanent hair removal - which is divided into two methods, laser hair removal and photoepilation.

Below you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of each method, as well as the overall benefits of investing in permanent hair removal.

What is permanent hair removal and what are their types?

As mentioned, there are two methods of permanent hair removal. The laser hair removal, which is the best known, and photoepilation. Below you know the particularities of each technique:

Laser waxing

Daniella Curi explains that laser hair removal is the removal of the devices with emitting laser.

Laser hair removal works, in general, as follows: the type of light used in the laser is absorbed by the brown pigment found in the hair and the heat generated has the power to "toast" the follicle, causing permanent damage or not ( depending on the intensity of the energy that reaches the by).

Note that the result of the sessions depends on the skin type of the person, being the color of the skin tone and the important factors. People with light skin and the dark, for example, tend to have better results, since light tends to be absorbed preferentially in the. In individuals with dark skin, treatment should be more careful because the skin around the brown pigment and also features can absorb light.

Photoepilation (pulsed light)

When it comes to permanent hair removal, usually people just think of laser hair removal. But it is worth to emphasize that there is still a photoepilation, which also aims at removing hair.

Daniella Curi explains that the difference is in the type of device used. "The photoepilation is made with pulsed light devices, unlike laser. In terms of results, laser hair removal has good results with fewer sessions compared to photodepilation "he explains.

The photoepilation is done through a device that sends called Intense Pulsed Light. It "destroys" the germ of the cells, which makes it just re-born when these cells regenerate. Note that this can never happen or take a few months or even years to happen.

But despite the photodepilation be known as a method of permanent hair removal, it is noteworthy that it requires "touch-up" (although their results are, rather, enduring), because, as the hairs are nothing more than a human body protection , many factors can influence their growth.

Benefits of laser hair removal

Below you can see some benefits of laser hair removal:

  • As previously mentioned, laser hair removal is a great option for those with very by, or simply do not like the;
  • It is a good option for treating ingrown hairs and folliculitis;
  • This type of hair removal treatments promotes longer lasting than conventional methods, as highlighted Daniella Curi;
  • It also explains Daniella, the continued use of wax and slides can lead to skin darkening. Now laser hair removal, there may be lightening region.
  • Compared to the photoepilation, laser hair removal has better results with fewer sessions.

Benefits of photodepilation

Below you can see some benefits of photodepilation:

  • The photoepilation is also indicated in cases of folliculitis and for people who suffer from unwanted hair on any area of ​​the body.
  • The photodepilation also promotes lasting results if purchased with conventional methods of hair removal.
  • The photoepilation is considered less aggressive to the skin purchased from laser hair removal.
  • The method, unlike laser hair removal is considered painless for most people.
  • The cost of the session is lower compared to laser hair removal. Revolves around R $ 60 per session, but varies greatly according to the location and the city where it will be the treatment, and also according to the body area to be treated. Have laser hair removal session, for example, in the groin area costs about R $ 200.

How many sessions are needed?

permanent hair removal: know the main options to get rid of the - Women Tips

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This is usually the main questions to the permanent hair removal techniques. It is worth to emphasize that the results vary according to the characteristics of the skin and the amount of each person. In addition, also rely heavily on the device used.

Laser waxing

But, according to Daniella, an average of five sessions generally provides good results.

Laser hair removal can be done anywhere in the body by as Daniella explains, however, some areas deserve more care, as areas near mucous membranes and exposed areas.


In general, it takes more than six sessions photoepilation so there is a significant reduction in the. However, generally, it is possible to see some results three weeks after the first session.

Any person can make a permanent hair removal? Are there risks?

permanent hair removal: know the main options to get rid of the - Women Tips

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Daniella Curi explains that there are some contraindications of laser hair removal. "Diseases such as vitiligo, lupus, keloid, use of medications such as Accutane are contraindications of this treatment," he says.

It also adds a professional, who have hormonal changes that increase hairiness (amount of body hair) must first deal with the change, and then apply the laser. "This is so that the treatment may have better results," he says.

In the case of black skin, also according to Daniella, is not an absolute contraindication, but there are most suitable lasers. "The number of sessions is higher and the risk of stains is also higher due to the higher concentration of melanin in the skin," she explains.

In the case of photoepilation, contraindications are pregnant women, people with vitiligo, tanned skin or active site infections to be treated (for hypo- or hyperpigmentation may occur, ie changes in skin color). People who are making use of medications that increase photosensitivity, as some antibiotics and antiacneicos should also avoid treatment.

The permanent hair removal is a painful method?

The pain tends to be very individual characteristics. Some people say they do not support sessions of laser hair removal, while others go through them without major trauma. Just as some women do not see problems in waxing while others suffer with the technique.

It is also worth noting that the same person may have different perceptions of pain in different areas of the body which may be made laser hair removal.

Daniella adds the issue of pain also depends on the apparatus used. "The laser alexandrite, for example, is less painful than the diode, but can not be applied to all skin types," he says.

In the case of photoepilation, as already noted, the pulsed light is usually very well tolerated by most patients, arriving to consider, including the painless procedure.

Testimonials from those who have done permanent hair removal

permanent hair removal: know the main options to get rid of the - Women Tips

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Karina Silva, 33, secretary, says he has about eight laser hair removal sessions. "I had many by groin and they lived nailed. My own epilator indicated that I look for a treatment of laser hair removal and it was really good for my case. Now, after a year, growing by a few in my groin, are thin and not jamming more ", he says.

Letícia Fernandes, 28, autonomous, made three to four sessions of photoepilation armpits. "It was a little more affordable treatment, so I decided to try. Actually decreased the amount of hair in my armpits, but not over completely with them. However, they take longer to grow and jamming now far less than before. I think if I had given continuity to treatment, making about eight or nine sessions, have achieved good results, but I gave up too soon, "he says.

With regard to pain, Karina confesses considering laser hair removal rather unpleasant. "But it's a pain bearable. After all, I also suffered while doing depilation with hot wax, especially when my groin was full of ingrown hairs, "he says.

Leticia adds that another factor that made her choose photoepilation was that the technique is painless. "I was told it would need two or three sessions to more to achieve the same laser results but, instead, the method was painless. I found a great idea, "he says.

Care needed with permanent hair removal

permanent hair removal: know the main options to get rid of the - Women Tips

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Daniella highlights that avoid sun exposure is critical. "The laser targets the melanin pigment that gives color to the. When we are browned, the amount of melanin in the skin is greatly increased and, thus, increases the risk of burning the skin and not by increasing the side effects, "he explains.

Professional adds that people in use of photosensitizing drugs such as Accutane, for example, must wait at least three months of completion of the medication to the application of laser hair removal.

In the case of photoepilation, the necessary precautions are not much different: the skin can not be tanned and the can not be pulled out by the roots (with wax or tweezers) last month. In addition, there should be no redness or bruising in the area of ​​skin to be treated.

permanent hair removal at home

The success of permanent hair removal is not only within the aesthetic clinics. Many women have chosen to do the procedure at home, using equipment and techniques available in the market.

It is noteworthy, however, that the use of home appliances do not have the same power than the professionals. In the case of a white skin with black hairs, hair removal at home can work but in other situations, it is necessary assessment and monitoring of a professional.

Thus, the best way is to always consult a (a) dermatologist before taking any decision (and even spend money buying a device to have at home).

Now you have the key information about permanent hair removal, but if they choose to do it - even in a clinic - remember to talk well with the professional, taking all of your questions about the technique. It is she who will also appoint the required number of sessions to achieve the results you want.