Taking cigarette smell environments - Women Tips

The cigarette leaves a strong smell in the house that can often seem impossible to eliminate it. However, there are some tricks that can help fight the bad smell of tobacco and let your smelling and chilled house. Check out the six ways to take and hide the smell of cigarette smoke at home and in the car and get rid of this problem already.

1 - Open doors and windows

If doors and open windows do not offer risk to the safety of your home, keep them open while someone smokes and leave them open as much as possible after so that fresh air can flow through the house and eliminate the odor of cigarette.

2 - Vinegar

Vinegar can be put into small pots and distributed through the rooms of the house that are with cigarette smell.

Another way to use vinegar to remove tobacco odor is soak a dishwasher sponge in vinegar and leave it in the environment you want. Remember, the vinegar must be replenished from time to time, as it dries slowly.

Put the car a jar with vinegar and a towel and let the windows of the closed car. Let the pot with a towel for one night in the car and in the morning your vehicle will be free of cigarette smell.

To get the tobacco smell the walls, wipe with vinegar. Make a solution of vinegar and water, half and half. Pass the solution on the walls with a cloth and then wipe with another clean cloth.

3 - Perfume on the lamp

Ping drops of perfume in a lamp. When you light the lamp and it heats up, the scent of your perfume will spread throughout the environment and to disguise the smell of cigarette. But be careful, the dripping drops do not overdo it and do it with the cold bulb.

4 - Activated carbon

Activated charcoal has great power deodorizing environments. Place a small amount on pots and distribute the house. Be careful to keep the pots out of the reach of children.

5 - Sand for cats

Put wet sand in the ashtrays. To put out his cigarette in the kitty litter, you prevent the odor from spreading. The sand must be replaced whenever it is dirty enough, so keep an eye out.

6 - Sodium Bicarbonate

Spread sodium bicarbonate to the carpet. This tip also serves to carpets and furniture. Let stand on the object bicarbonate overnight and the next day the cleaner passes to remove dust.

By following some or all of these tips, you can leave your home chilled, well flavored and no trace of cigarette smell. So you and your visitors will appreciate even more time spent indoors.