You kiss well? Take the test and find out!

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Knowing what to do with their hands at the time of the kiss, keep the eyes open or closed, and even manage the time the hard kiss can make all the difference in the effect it has on the other. The more you kiss, the better it becomes to master the techniques correctly for a perfect kiss. Take the following quiz and find out if you are a professional kisser.

  1. You feel the urge to kiss?
  2. No. Normally I feel embarrassed or uncomfortable.
    Almost always, sometimes beats insecurity.
    Yes, it comes naturally to me.

  3. You usually carry mints and chewing gum in your purse?
  4. Sometimes. I not always remember to buy them.
    Yes. I always have one or two, for an emergency.
    No, I never have.

  5. At the time of the kiss, which you usually do with your hands?
  6. Usually they are dancing in the air because I do not know where to put them.
    Sometimes I put around his neck, sometimes on the arms and sometimes, I am unsure what to do with them.
    Hands neck or cat hair to hold him close.

  7. Do you consider your kiss:
  8. A hit!
    A failure.
    Very good but could improve.

  9. His kiss had been praised?
  10. Some have praised, but few times.
    No. Usually men do not talk much with me after the kiss.
    Often, it happens frequently.

  11. And the eyes? What do you do with them during the kiss?
  12. Sometimes I keep closed and sometimes open.
    They are well sealed, it helps "to feel" best kiss.
    Closed or open, in fact I do not know, because I'm always very nervous.

  13. How long, in general, one his kiss?
  14. Usually short.
    How I think enough that both enjoy, without tiring.
    I do not know, do not pay much attention to it.