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You've heard about chiropractic? It is a treatment increasingly sought in Brazil. It is considered the third largest profession in the field of world health, recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) as a complementary medicine with a focus on the spine and the effect that this structure can cause dysfunction to overall health.

The chiropractor Jason Gilbert, Jason Gilbert Clinic, explains that the relationship of spinal dysfunction with health in general is due to link the spine to the nervous system. "Chiropractic care works on the main cause of the problem and not just the symptoms (other than allopathic medicine)," he says.

Chiropractic care (practice - lay on hands) is an ancient technique, already known to the Chinese, Hindus and ancient Egyptians. However, says Priscila Kiguchi, physio Aspin Clinic, only in the nineteenth David Palmer century developed this knowledge and created the modern chiropractic working relationship between the musculoskeletal structure (column / joints) and function (information flow), mainly driven the nervous system.

"Apply chiropractic means releasing these inputs and outputs of the internal flow of information in the body, reducing the entropy and thus maintaining an organic and healthy balance for any individual," adds Priscilla physiotherapist.

How is the treatment done?

Gilbert explains that chiropractic primarily uses the setting - which are quick and painless maneuvers, which can generate a click, made on a specific segment. "Aims to reduce pain, restore the normal motion of the spine and relax the muscles joint. In addition, returns the integrity of nerve impulses coming out of the brain and goes to the whole body through the column, "he says.

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Benefits and indications of chiropractic

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The chiropractor Gilbert cites as chiropractic benefits: eliminate pain quickly and leave the nervous system free from blockages, allowing the flow of nerve impulses reach the brain and all the organs, tissues and cells of the body, maintaining the health its proper function.

The chiropractor also highlights the main problems that can be solved or alleviated with chiropractic:

  • bruxism
  • bursitis
  • period cramps
  • sciatica
  • Headache
  • Joint pain
  • Stress
  • Herniated disc
  • Labyrinthitis
  • Low back pain
  • Torticollis
  • TPM
  • Tinnitus, among others.

The physiotherapist Priscilla recalls that chiropractic seeks balance by manipulating the joints. "Imagine the hinges of the door ... There is a fast-acting release that site when done setting sometimes hear a snap and, consequently, there is an immediate pain relief, increased joint mobility and gradually the muscles diminishes your tone, allowing freedom of movement and thus improving posture, "he says.

There are contraindications?

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According to Gilbert chiropractor, there are no contraindications. "The spine needs to be cared for throughout their lives," he says.

Disadvantages of chiropractic

Priscilla points out that, to be a highly specific work in each joint, when unsuccessful, the maneuvers can have an adverse effect on the muscles, causing increased tension around these muscles.

The physiotherapist Leonardo Machado points out that chiropractic is recognized as a profession in some countries, but in Brazil, there are people who use this knowledge resources of secular form or unprepared.

Machado added that there are / there were technical courses for lay public of vertebral and joint manipulations without proper substantiation. "It is unfortunate only that many professionals using this feature does not do so safely through individual and specific clinical evaluations with the minimum standard of care. To give you an example, there is scientific evidence in the literature to suggest and discuss the risk of vertebral manipulations cause / promote cerebrovascular accident (CVA / stroke). It is not the form of the science itself, but rather the way it is applied, "says physical therapist.

How much does each treatment session?

Gilbert explains that a chiropractic session costs between 60 and 120 reais, depending on the region.

chiropractic scenario in Brazil and in the world

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Priscila explains that lay on hands (which includes chiropractic) has always been one of the most known methods and widely used in therapeutic practices of all ages. "Despite the great technology that we find today in musculoskeletal rehabilitation and prevention, touch and manual contact is undoubtedly a primary tool. Chiropractic care has grown a lot in recent years, especially with the advances of science (neuroscience) and quantum physics in the context of organized information flow and expected by the human body (negantropia), "he says.

In Brazil, Priscilla adds, she has stood out more and more. "As an example we can mention the 11th Biennial Congress of the WFC (World Federation of Chiropractic), one of the main events of this segment, which was held in Rio de Janeiro in 2011, which shows the importance of Brazil on the world stage. In addition, since 2004, chiropractic is considered a training course ", he explains.

Gilbert points out that worldwide chiropractic is considered as important as conventional medicine and is used by virtually all the population in many countries. "In the US, for example, chiropractic is part of the health system," he says.

In Brazil, according to the chiropractor, there are only two colleges, one in Rio Grande do Sul, Feevale, and another in São Paulo, Anhembi Morumbi. "The number of graduates is still small, it justifies the fact of chiropractic not be as widespread here. However, it is important to note that our professionals are so well trained as those trained abroad, "concluded Gilbert.