10 tricks to lose shyness - Women Tips

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Being a shy person can be a big problem, especially in romantic relationships and in professions that require direct contact with the public. Although it is not possible to eliminate it from night to day, get rid of the suffering caused by shyness is a possible task, through some exercises can help gradually.

1 - Talk to the mirror

On any specific matter, just stop in front of the mirror and begin to express aloud the random thoughts that occur to you. Without realizing it, you are becoming a person with more ease in the time to express.

2 - Approach people on the street

Ask the time or location of an address, even if you do not need truth. This exercise gradually will help you fear less the others.

3 - Speak in public

When in a speech in class or in another similar situation, and request a voluntary, stand up and be the person to help you. The first few times it will be difficult to speak in public, but over time, you get used to that situation until it is so common that it becomes part of their "routine".

4 - Be subject

If any of your friends or colleagues ask you something, rather than just responding, pull a hook to another subject, continuing the conversation. In addition to more friendly look, you will be training your relationship with others.

5 - Be solicitous

Whatever the situation. Help - whether at home, at work, with friends or even strangers - is a great way to increase your contact with the outside world. Nobody bites and undoubtedly being willing you will realize it.

6 - Look into the eyes

When we talk, it is very important to maintain eye contact. Look down shows uncertainty while sideways glance gives the impression that we are not interested in the subject. Undertakes, therefore, to look directly into the eyes of his interlocutor even if at first it seems you torture.

7 - Enroll

No matter what class. Gym, theater, dance, singing, foreign language, any of them will be useful to help overcome shyness, as you will be dealing with people who until then did not know - and will be forced to expose. Moreover, any one of them will be a pleasure to most in your life.

8 - Ask for help

For those who are shy, it is very difficult to ask for help from others, even for the most complex tasks. However, this is a good opportunity to fight their primary instincts (which would lead you to accomplish the task alone, even if it cost you an arm).

9 - Read aloud

No matter what. Get used to hearing - High - the sound of your voice. It is what allows you to communicate with others and exercise will help you to not be afraid to use it in their day to day.

10 - Challenge yourself and believe you

Set daily goals, things that seem difficult to accomplish, as unknown or pull greet chat with the boss, for example. It may seem like a sacrifice, but it is very important. Perform the "challenges" and slowly will realize that they no longer seem so complicated so.

Finally, believe in yourself. will power and trust are two key parts for those who want to lose shyness.