Oral Sex: 10 Tips for unforgettable moments together

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Sex is good, and how! But sex does not need and should not always be the same, is not it? Here is an activity that is good for the body and soul, and is only delight. A variety of modes and play can make things even more interesting. The more the better intimacy and the experience is also welcome, but the most important is to leave aside shyness and enjoy all that delicious encounter bodies.

For many people oral sex is essential, indispensable. As many think is the hottest of all orgasm. For women receiving oral sex is one of the best tactics to increase the excitement and pleasure. Men also love it even more if it is done by those who like and can do. One of the most desirable and exciting practices for men and women, oral sex can lead to ecstasy lovers apex. Then how about spicing up your sex life and let your love wanting more?

The best tip is to the initiative. Anyone has the ability to sense when oral sex is being done without will or nojinho. It's more exciting for the man when the woman takes the initiative than when he needs to ask or suggest.

Offers or surprise, putting it in a comfortable position and sliding kisses and tongue all the way, the neck, the chest, the belly ... This will give them the certainty that you want and you want to please him as well as increasing self-esteem of man. And the more self-esteem, the better they are the moments of pleasure.

First of all: protection

The essential is to ensure their safety. Oral sex can also transmit diseases. For fixed partners, it is important a recent medical examination to rule out any doubt. But do not worry, it is quite possible and enjoyable to practice oral sex with condoms and diversity of products such as flavored condoms and lubricants is enormous.

Let the tips ...

1. Explore all the senses: Imagine it's you who is receiving oral sex. What would you like to do? Put yourself in another's place and explore everything you want. It has no place for shyness in oral sex. This is the best time to play and to release all the excitement. And if you can not help but get a little embarrassed, not hurt communicate. The more natural, more intimacy and pleasure.

2. Suction: make an alternating suction to enter the penis in her mouth, sucking like a lollipop, descending and ascending as in penetration. This does not prevent you from licking, play and masturbate, but certainly the suction will please more than a soft mouth at high speed. Make nice moves and do not bother to enter the entire penis in the mouth, it is far from their preference.

3. Variations: vary in movements, speed, licks, sucks. The art of oral sex requires a real willingness to please their partner. Switch the speed of suction, stop for a while at the head of the penis, use the language to go all the member, caress your body. Anything goes to make the funniest joke.

4. Eye to eye: maintain eye contact. Men love to look at what you are doing and look them in the eye will leave the most exciting atmosphere and serves as a barometer for you to realize what is more pleasing.

5. The power of hands: use your hands. His hands are great allies in oral sex. Use to masturbate him in the suction intervals to move the penis when you are with him in the mouth or feel the testicles and the perineum. Multiple stimuli often crazy world.

6. Language: use it without saving. It will help in lubrication, which is very important to her mouth slide better, and increase the play. Lick the entire penis, testicles and the glans, lingering in the canal, as well as groin and perineum.

7. Freshness: refreshing mints, ice water and specific products can give a great feeling of freshness making it even more exciting.

8. Semen: You can swallow semen? Yes you can. They love when the woman is not afraid to go to the end. But because of the texture and taste, can be unpleasant for some people. There is a basic rule, so do not worry if you are uncomfortable. But if you want, for sure he will love.

9. Lighting: leave the light on, or half light. They will want to see everything that's going on. Enhance the look with a sexy lingerie. And do not let your hair to hide the best part.

10. The famous "69": It is the position in which the two can have oral sex at the same time. Stay face down on your partner so that you can achieve the penis with his mouth, and he, your vagina. The pleasure is reciprocal and double.

oral sex tips with Tatiana Presser

In the video, vlogueira gives some suggestions that can help you to be uninhibited and is in oral sex. Check it:

Do not forget to oral sex is also one of the most effective ways of women feel pleasure, so be sure to encourage you to do you. The first step to take pleasure is to know and thereby show the other what you like and what gives you pleasure. Do not be afraid to experiment, know your body and teach your partner what points more make you happy. Good fun!