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To give a good heated in sexual life is worth everything. And to make what's already hot even better, too. sexy phrases and safadinhas spoken time and the right way is one of the most easy and simple tactics to enhance the mood of excitement.

You have shame? Stay quiet, it is not the only and not part of the minority. To speak sensual phrases to your lover you will have to really feel at least a little of what is said, or be a great actress. When you manage to drop, you will be surprised how easy it is and the effects that may arise.

It all depends on your profile and your partner's profile. Anyway, even if the face is not the most bastards, you can adjust the phrases to a softer language - to be praised and to know that the woman is excited, everyone likes.

But to talk, you have to be willing to listen. Then the experience of being called "dirty" or strongest thing I do not like you, it is better not to start. He will also want to participate in the game and has nothing to do with disrespect, by contrast, is part of the fantasy.

Do not be guided only by the content of the sentence: the way you say it will, as now, it has a fundamental role in the result. Release all your energy and release to tell your partner those bullshit you always left in thought:

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Via text message or chat

For times when you are not together during working hours or before a date. unexpected warm messages will leave it feeling desired with self-esteem and up there with high expectations.

  • Dying to show you what underwear I'm wearing.
  • That night I dreamed of you and woke up all wet.
  • I wanted to have sex with you more. (When you said goodbye recently).
  • I am looking to you, come soon.
  • I read about a new position, you want to try me?
  • I want to sit on your lap and feel her hands inside my panties.
  • Tonight I have a surprise for you.

To talk on the phone

The text message you can write even dying of shame, but the phone will require that your voice follow the idea of ​​the message. Stimulates the imagination insinuating images and making out.

  • Will feel your tongue between my legs.
  • I want to stay peladinha along with you.
  • Look, I was thinking about you right now, lying in bed. You know what I was doing?
  • I wanted to spend a whole weekend with you in bed.

When he comes home

They love it when women take the initiative. If you want to attack him when he comes home, before throwing her body into his, pepper climate hinting that you are in order. It will be a great preliminary.

  • Today I'm all yours, do with me what you want.
  • Glad you came. I have masturbated me three times today thinking of you.
  • I was hoping you arrive. Already I took a shower and I hope you in bed.

To drive you crazy during sex

The moment sex then it is undoubtedly the best time for you to let go and release the most mind-blowing safadinhas and phrases to make your man crazy. One of the best ways it have really good sex and prioritize your pleasure leaves you with the highest self-esteem of all time. Make compliments about their body and their performance and also take the opportunity to say what it will do with it and what you want it to do with you.

  • I love to feel your body with my mouth.
  • Enjoy many groans and sounds sexy.
  • Still, I'm going to come. . (Tell that will enjoy Contrary to what many may think, they like very much to know you're almost there: will make sure they are sending well and so will strive to make it even better for you Sometimes they do not realize. or we can not prove without speaking).
  • I eat good.
  • This, grabs me strong, I love when you do that.
  • Delight, so very good, tasty ...

To provoke him at any time

  • You are so good that makes me shiver.
  • I need you on top of me now.
  • You is irresistible with these jeans.

Release creativity and shamelessness that is within you and enjoy this delicious provocation that precedes hot moments! The sex life of you will be even more interesting.

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