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The wedding routine and life with children is very different from the life of a single couple and without such responsibilities. When one does not live together, and even more so when the couple does not have children, the dynamics of life is quite different.

If before you had all the world's time to enjoy, travel, dating and even have those boyfriend bickering, now with the children, problems, expectations, money and daily life will all be shared, which inevitably creates bad situations being and can saturate the living, decreasing sex drive.

With the arrival of children, free time decreases dramatically, while the responsibilities increase substantially. After a day of routine work and added to the demands of the children, it is common for both the woman and the man come to the end of the day when they will be finely together, exhausted. And in these cases, it is difficult to require one or the other a strong desire and excitement for sex.

I thought it was too hard? Calm that has that. With a little organization and good will to keep her happy and sexually active relationship, can you steer clear of trouble following a few simple tips, but can give great results. Check out and get inspired to leave the sexuality of their relationship always in shape:

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1. Take all possible times

A wedding troubled life, children, responsibilities and so many little problems, take advantage of possible times for sex is fundamental. You can not always wait for the perfect time, with time and tranquility, because this opportunity may take days to arrive. Betting on quickies is a good idea using the moments when you are together in the shower or when you wake up. Look well enjoy these opportunities to maintain sexual interest between you always active.

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2. No slouch

Everyone has that worn clothing that like to use at home. Intimacy brings with it a relaxation on the physical appearance, which is commonplace. You also can not require either of them that are always beautiful and fragrant when almost all moments are shared.

But this ordinary negligence can negatively influence the attraction of the couple, who love and want to live together, but that has not lost its aesthetic sense. Try to prevent this oversight is permanent and that exceed certain fundamental levels. Taking this care, you not only feel more attractive to him, as for itself.

3. Go to bed together

Sometimes the day is so full that the only time the couple can be alone is at bedtime. An initiative that can have a lasting and effective results is included in the routine that you always lie down together. So you show each other how to value these moments, strengthen their love ties and can finally enjoy exchanging endearments. Be sure that you always lie down at different times, it can become a habit and cause an ever greater distance.

4. Talk about sex

In any kind of romantic relationship, verbalize about sex is essential and marriage with children should be no different. Set the record straight to questions, expectations, desires and doubts, remains the best option to keep the easy and pleasant intimacy.

After the arrival of children, many doubts and fears can arise in the sexual life of a couple. The lack of communication between man and the woman gives rise to speculation, disappointment, jealousy and conclusions. If there is anything that bothers you about sex in a deep breath and talk to him. Thus the resolution of a problem will be much easier and this simple action can end a problem that perhaps was not even as bad as it seemed.

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5. passionate little notes

A simple solution, and it may even seem silly, but it works and very well. Put errands passionate home, in the car or in the bathroom mirror. It is always a delightful surprise and makes the person feel remembered. For the effect to be even more exciting, sexy write tickets and hide in his pants pocket that he is using or wallet.

6. Get out together

Not because now you are a family who need help but do what ever liked. If the children before you were wont to come out together to eat, dance or walk, even if the chances are rare, do not forget to take advantage of.

That way, no one will forget how much the other is fun and attractive, the way you meet. Nothing to close the social life indoors. It is worth asking for help from a relative or friend to stay with the children, so that you can enjoy strolling alone. If there is a possibility, spend the night in the motel is a hot tip and has the power to revive a lot of passion.

Why sex life cools after the arrival of children?

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When the moment is the arrival of a baby the situation tends to be more complicated and often is it that originate several problems that can last throughout life together. According to relationship expert, Silvana Rangel, the birth of a child dispersed the attention of parents and of course changes the couple's sex life:

"Hormonal issues, physical, emotional and even priorities, collaborate for many mothers to feel exhausted and lose their disposal both for sex and for romanticism. During the first months of the baby, the absence of sex is even considered normal, however, both should strive not to let this moment, which is transitory affect intimacy, romance and dialogue between the couple. "

It is important that both strive to understand that the initial changes do not mean the end of the relationship or lack of love, "but rather an adjustment period that can be overcome. Gradually, the hard times are falling behind and the couple can overcome the difficulties started with the arrival of the baby, "Silvana guides.