4 homemade recipes to make hair grow faster - Women Tips

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Change cutting or hair color is basic strategy for every woman you want to change the look. Each season, new cuts and colors are seen as trend and there goes a large number of women, try your luck with any of them.

That's the good part of being a woman: a wide range of styles with which to flirt just twirl hair. The bad part is that the wires do not grow fast enough to constantly adapt to the demands of fashion. If you also want to brush up on the growth of locks, some homemade recipes can be the solution.

1 - coconut oil and curry leaves

Ingredients: Fresh curry leaves and coconut oil. To prepare the mixture, just boiling the two ingredients in a saucepan. The result is a black substance, which is formed during the boil. You must collect the substance and spread it on the hair twice a week. The recipe is simple and the ingredients can be found in health food stores; in the case of curry, shops specializing in herbs usually have the product.

2 - Vinegar

Ingredients: one part vinegar and two parts water. Apple cider vinegar is the most appropriate, because it leaves such a marked odor. Simply mixing the ingredients and to further alleviate the smell, add a few drops of a capillary oil of choice. The mixture should be applied after shampooing, as a finisher. Start using the recipe once or twice a week, and then increase the interval between applications as the results are showing. Finally, use only once or twice a month.

3 - egg and olive oil

Ingredients: two buds, two spoonfuls of olive oil and olive half a glass of water. This recipe is more suitable for women with dry hair, as it increases the oiliness of the wires. The yolk is rich in proteins, and vitamins A, D and E which, combined with the properties of the oil, leave the hair silky and stimulate further growth. Mix all ingredients and apply on the scalp, massaging gently. Let stand for a range of 15 to 20 minutes and then wash your hair normally. Repeat only once or twice a month.

4 - Rosemary

Ingredients: two teaspoons of dried and crushed rosemary leaves and 300ml of water. Mix everything and massage the hair from the tips and to the roots. The application may be made after shampooing or even with dry hair, one to four times a week, depending on the type of hair and the results observed.

If you believe that your hair grows at a rate below normal, consult a hairdresser you trust and, in more severe cases, a dermatologist. Understand the reasons why your wires are not growing is important and can help you deal with the problem. home treatments can be cheap and efficient, but not always the most appropriate.