Cetaphil – Solution to Dry, Sensitive Skin

By: lavender

There are enough products in the market made for those blessed with average to good skin. For those who have extremely sensitive, blemish prone skin like me, however, products that are gentle enough are hard to come by. Which is why I was so excited to have discovered Cetaphil! Here is a combined review of a few of the Cetaphil products.

1. Gentle Skin Cleanser


When they say gentle, they mean gentle! I always have so much trouble finding a face wash that doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. Most of them damage my skin and cause breakouts. Even the more gentle ones leave my face looking a little bit red and raw. There was none of that with the gentle skin cleanser, my skin felt soft, smooth and moisturized! It’s runny and smooth and removes make up amazingly well!

The only possible problem I could foresee is for people who don’t have sensitive skin or maybe even thick, rough skin. This cleanser may be too gentle and therefore ineffective for you. As for those who like cleansers with a little bit of exfoliating properties to really get the impurities out of your pores, this isn’t the product for you.

2. DailyAdvance Ultra Hydrating Lotion (Dry- Skin)


Apart from sensitive skin, I also, sadly, suffer from very dry skin. Very, very few body lotions actually succeed in helping me with this problem in any way. Though it wasn’t amazing, this product was sufficiently moisturizing. I loved that it was completely odorless and doesn’t leave any residue whatsoever. It was really easy to apply and just seeps into your skin immediately!

I would recommend this as a just-stepped-out-of-a-morning-shower lotion for those in a hurry because it’s so quick and easy to apply, it just absorbs instantly and you’re good to go!

3. Intensive Moisturizing Cream


Although the lotion above was a great after-shower one and very moisturizing upon application, the moisture is not retained for particularly long hours. After about 4 hours, dry (and sometimes flaky) spots start appearing here and there. That’s when I use this intensive moisturizing cream.

I am absolutely in love with this stuff! I carry my little tube everywhere now! Like the lotion, it’s odorless and is easily absorbed by your skin. The amazing thing is that it really smooths out all the flaky spots and lasts all day upon application! I’ve also tried it on the specified areas (hands, feet and knees) and they work amazingly well.

This is a must have product and I would really recommend this to everyone suffering from dry skin or even those planning to travel to cold, dry countries!

Cetaphil has long been the go-to product for dermatologists and long-suffering patients of skin conditions. I myself have tried quite a few products, some more effective than others. And I must say these 3 products are high up there on the scale of effectiveness! Hope you girls find these reviews and recommendations helpful!

Pictures credited to: www.medichem.com.sg, www.media.onsugar.com, momadvice.com

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