Kanye and Kim? Seriously?

By: hannef
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Internet world is buzzing over the past couple of weeks about the newest addition to the long list of celebrity couples in Hollywood. Who would have thought the reigning queen of reality TV show and fame-hungry self-made celebrity- Kim Kardashian will be dating music/ fashion mogul Kanye West?!

Fresh off her divorce from Chris Humphrey, Kim K. has been seen hand in hand and out and about with Kanye West wearing matching dark outfits and sunglasses.

Is this for real or just a publicity stunt? According to Huffington Post, despite Kanye’s less than pleasant past experience with the press, he is proven not to be very media-savvy. Remember the stage-crashing incident at The VMA? Kanye is still very appologetic about it which just shows how much it was not planned and not done in the name of publicity. Same goes when he flipped on air during a live TV interview. That was actually really bad for his image.

Kim K on the other hand is very good with her media. Together with her equally attention seeking mother, they have built this Kardashian empire solely based on their well-planned moves in their glamorous life. The sex tape, the wedding, the divorce… these are all just some of the newsworthy moves by Kim K.

So if Kanye is for real, is Kim K just in it for the ride on another one of her money-making publicity stunts? Time will tell. The question now is: Will this relationship last longer than her marriage?

Source:huffingtonpost.com, usmagazine.com

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  1. Giussepe Zanotti for Kanye West shoes, she is the first to wear them and soulhd be the last not even for the price of 5,000. She soulhd get lost, what a joke and wearing fur, she soulhd be skinned like those poor animals were. ugh

  2. Haha! Totally agree! So sick of her, I kinda want Paris Hilton back in the scene.

  3. As typical, there is a excellent female at the rear of each idiot.

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