Fall 2012 Trend: Bright Suits

By: hannef
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Suit used to be drab and boring. It is more common among businessmen and people who are of certain position in a company or cooperation. Suit also used to be the measure of  one’s success. Once you have a suit on, people will look up to you and certain kind of respect is automatically earned.

But suit is now for everyone, from Kuala Lumpur’s hipster-wannabes to young executives who just completed college. It is now a lot of fun to dress up channeling Chuck Bass-the bad boy of TV series Gossip Girl. Even more so when designers have come up with so many different ways to jazz up the regular suit with unexpected elements like prints, embellishments, texture and colors.

Bright suit. Who would have thought that suits are now available in colors like hot pink and neon green? Yes, we have seen them all back in the 80s but the new bright suits are more polished and surprisingly very wearable.

Let’s have a look at some of the most interesting suits in full blown Technicolor from the runway of Spring 2013.

Red suit at Balenciaga. The silhouette is very relaxed and laid back with loose pants teamed up with a simple black tee

This light blue suit from Alexander McQueen is just the right fit for those who want to move away from black and grey but still a bit shy about colors.

Pastel green suit at Gucci is right on trend. This is definitely a throwback to the eighties but with the new age flair

Another one from Gucci. This double-breasted yellow suit is not as shocking as the idea  itself. Anything brighter than this will look a little bit too much even for a has-been eighties popstar.

Speaking of ‘too much’. This jacket and pants combo seen at Versace comes in the most perfect shade of pink. Too bad the sleeves and undershirt seem to be missing, or else this would be perfect weekend look.

Prada proposed color-blocking and paneling for Spring 2013. The polo shirt, vest and jacket are fine but those pants and sock-and-sandals combo have got to go.

This Mugler suit minus the cut-outs is definitely a fashion home run. The pants are cut perfectly. They are not too tight or skinny.

So now next time you are looking for a new suit, consider color. Have fun with it. Okay perhaps not for the office. Why not don a green or crimson suit next time you go out partying for the weekend?

Photos: style.com 

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