Is That A Unibrow?!

By: hannef
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What is your definition of grooming? Is it simply doing the 3-steps on you face, shaving and getting a haircut every twice a month? Have you ever considered eyebrow-trimming as part of your grooming regime?

Unibrow? Now that’s a sight to avoid. Nobody wants to be compared to Ernie of The ,Sesame Street. Come on! He’s a puppet. So if you have a unibrow that looks like Ernie’s, the chances are kids will love you and think you are funny. But kids have a whole lot of sense of humor. They think the same about Mr.Bean, clowns at birthday parties and cute wild animals in Madagascar.

You don’t want to be compared to fictional and cartoon characters, do you? So what makes you think it is okay to keep that unibrow and look like Ernie?! In this era of all things modern and having everything up to very high standards, bushy unkempt eyebrow on men is no longer acceptable. Thanks to all the advertised images of perfection that we can see daily on television and magazines, even men feel the pressure to look perfect. Having a pair of naturally ‘tamed’ eyebrow is part of the journey to perfection.

Now how do you groom your eyebrow? What are the tools needed? Is Adam Lambert draw-on very fake looking eyebrow is acceptable? Here are 5 simple tips for natural looking brow on men.

1. Use the right tool. Buy good quality tweezers; the kind that let you get firm grip and get rid of the even the tiniest bit of hair.

2. Always shower first. Just like your usual routine with shaving, shower softens the skin and opens up pores. The process wont hurt as much.

3. Do a quick trim every now and then. According to, you can comb hairs straight up with a brow brush or a clean toothbrush, then use a straight blade to clip any hairs that stick out above your natural brow line.

4. Do not use magnifying mirror as it will lead you to over-plucking your brow. Keep checking your “work of art” from afar which helps you see the “overall picture”.

5. Always make sure everything looks natural and not over-plucked. You don’t want to end up like one of those guidos from Jersey Shore. A few unruly strands is acceptable. If your brow is unbelievably neat, people would notice that you have been going a little overboard with the tweezers. It is not okay for women to over-plucked. But for men? It will be like the greatest sin.

So unibrow is a no-no. There’s nothing cute or unique about it. If you are still unsure on how to go about it, go ahead and get professional help.


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