Bachelor Pad Must-Haves 0.2- Kitchen and Bathroom

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We have discussed all the tips on how to turn your house into an ideal bachelor pad for today’s modern gentleman. It was quite easy, really and it doesn’t really take that much of effort. Well now that you have all the crucial parts like wall treatment, rugs and seating area covered, it’s time to step a little further inside into the kitchen and bathroom.

As much as you think that your living room and bedroom are two of the main priorities in achieving your ultimate goal of creating your very own personal space, never overlooked the importance of your kitchen and bathroom. The truth is these are the two areas which you actually need to focus on in terms of hygiene organisation.

Dirty kitchen and bathroom will reflect badly on your self image. What if a “potential candidate” decided to drop by unannounced and had to walk on your sticky kitchen floor ¬†leading to your stinky bathroom to powder her nose?

Now here are a few simple tips on making sure that your kitchen and bathroom are right on par with your now fab looking bedroom and living room.

1. It’s okay to splurge a little on your dinnerware (ie: plates, bowl etc) because these are stuff that you will be using a lot and it’s important that they actually fit not only your kitchen decor but also your personality. Go cheap on flatware (ie: spoons, forks etc) because they all look the same anyway and people don’t really pay attention much on whether you are using ‘silverware’ . Ikea has wide selections of good flatware for you to choose from.

2. When it comes to decoration, everything inside your kitchen should be functional rather than pure ornamental. But you can put an old-school spin on your kitchen by purchasing a vintage-style tea-set or appliances like toaster, juicer, blender, or ice crusher.

3. Make sure your kitchen is stocked with all the basics like sugar, coffee, juice and some light snacks just in case you get surprise visitors. Even if you don’t really use your kitchen, there is no excuse not to get groceries.

4. Always have clean hand towels inside your bathroom or at least a box of Kleenex for your guest and of course you must never run out of toilet roll.

5. If your bathroom is roomy enough, consider some simple decorations like flowers and framed photo for your wall. Think about it. We spend quite a number of time inside the bathroom everyday so why not have something nice to look at.

6. And finally, if cleaning is not really something that you are able to include on your long daily to-do list, hire a cleaning lady. Get her to come at least weekly, to scrub your toilet bowl and mop the kitchen floor. it’s not really that expensive.

Now how about that to complete your journey towards achieving your goal of that modern day bachelor pad?

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  1. A clean bathroom is an indicative of a clean house, so we have to keep it presentable!

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