Invisible Slicker For Your iPhone–Liquipel 2.0

By: lilyjade


How terrible it is to drop your loved iPhone in water, though, it doesn’t happen that often, at most couple of times before it is completely spoiled.

 Thank God, engineers could change the world! Liquipel 2.0 nano-coating debuts with improved water protection would save you from this awkward situation. The Watersafe Electronics Nono-Technology is designed as a nano-coating that could protect your smartphone inside out from everyday events that can cause liquid damage such as rain, splashing, sweat, dropping in the sink or toilet and spilled drinks, excludes intentional submerging of devices in liquid though.

How much is it? 60 USD it is. You are lucky that it is only available in Hong Kong (China), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia) and Jakarta (Indonesia).

Time to get your iPhone a raincoat!


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