How to Stay in Shape and Still Enjoy the Turkey

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It’s not easy to resist the temptation with all those food on the table. With so many parties and gathering to attend, we can’t help but surrender with plates in our hands ready to hit the¬†buffet¬†table.

But once we go back to the daily grind, the first morning of returning back to work seems unbearable with the bathroom scale tipping off almost five levels up from where it used to. Holiday bulge. There’s no one else to blame but ourselves. Pigging out during this holiday season is so not cool but still it’s your call. Whether you want to put on weight or stay your same super-fit self after this holiday season.

Here’s how to enjoy the turkey without any sense of guilt this holiday season.

Stick to smaller portion. The trick is to pick up smaller plate because you tend to fill up the plate no matter how big or small it is. Stick to vegetable and keep the amount of fried and greasy food in check.

Never go back for seconds. It’s not easy but keep telling yourself that you’ve had enough and you have another dinner party/gathering to attend.

You don’t have to say no to desserts but stick to just one tiny slice of cake or small cookie. A tiny slice of brownie or a ginger-bread cookie is not as bad as you think it would be.

Watch the drinks especially those alcoholic beverages. If you really have to, keep your alcohol intake to two servings and opt for unsweetened ice tea, coffee and water for the rest of the time.

Focus more on the fact that you are there to celebrate the occasion with your close friends and family members. Socialize more and don’t stay for too long at the dinner table.

Learn to say NO and do it in a very polite manner. The host or most of the time your mom will always keep telling you to eat more. Just say no and compliment their efforts in preparing the food and give good excuses like ‘you have another dinner/gathering to attend’ or simply tell them that you are full. Joke about it. They would understand.

It’s almost impossible to hit the gym when you are in your hometown miles away from the gym that you subscribed to. Go for early morning jog instead or do some light exercises in your childhood bedroom before you start the day. It’s all about self-discipline.

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